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Sam G

I would like to help you achieve your goal.

Sam G Private Tutor
Sam G Private Tutor
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My Experience

I have extensive experience helping students with their academic work. I have taught in preparation for 11+ examinations, GCSE, A-Level and university entrance (Oxbridge) interviews.

I studied English at Cambridge and, having myself been through the long process of examinations and interviews, have a good understanding of the various pressures and difficulties that students are presented with along the way.

In 2012 I taught English as a foreign language in Mongolia for six months, where I had to design lesson plans from scratch to engage a large group of children.

Subjects I teach

English Literature up to undergraduate level
English Language up to A-Level
Personal Statement assistance
Oxbridge interview preparation

My Qualifications

University of Cambridge:
First Class Honours Degree, English
Awarded the Burton Prize for academic achievement

St Paul’s School:
A-Level: English (A*), History (A*), Politics (A*)
AS-Level: English (A), History (A), Politics (A), Theatre Studies (A), Perspectives on Science (A)
GCSE: 11 A*s in; English Lit., English Lang., History, Geography, Science (x3), Religious Studies, French, Maths, Drama

I was head-boy at St Paul’s (2011-2012)

My Approach to Private Tuition

I like to engage students with an interactive tutoring style. I make my lessons a two-way experience: one where students feel they are not engaged in a prolonged, tiresome lecture but rather, a genuine back-and-forth.

Importantly, I believe that lessons should be suited to the specific individual. Different people benefit from different teaching methods. Some prefer formal exercises and others thrive in a more debate driven environment and I adapt my lessons depending on what I feel will best suit the student.

I also like to use examples from the world outside. I have found that students unenthused with a subject often can’t see it’s relevance to their own lives. Why study a medieval poem? Why learn about rhetorical writing? When teaching English Literature, for example, I try to reinforce the notion that the study of language is all around us; from newspaper articles to political speeches, from renaissance drama to restaurant menus.

My video Introduction

Fun fact

I swim in the North Sea on January 1st!