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Robert M

I would like to help you achieve your goal.

Robert M Private Tutor
Robert M Private Tutor
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£40 /hr


My Experience

From 2015-16 I spent 5 months working as a private tutor in Moscow. This meant planning lessons (all in English), teaching 6 days a week, and responding to all sorts of different needs from students. Some required long-term development; others wanted hurried exam preparation for entrance examinations (Dulwich College, King’s Canterbury, Sevenoaks School, Oundle). Add to that the challenge of teaching maths or science in a student’s second language!

I have also taught intensive maths IB revision sessions during the Easter holidays: a comprehensive run through of the material.

I have delivered private tuition since 2012 years in a variety of subjects: GCSE level maths for Edexcel, IB maths and economics, and help with applications to Oxbridge.

In 2011, I taught for a brief but intense period in inner-city schools in Mumbai.

Subjects I teach

Economics up to undergraduate level
Maths up to A-Level/IB
Politics up to A-Level/IB

My Qualifications

BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics – University of Oxford, 1st Class Honours
IB Diploma – Sevenoaks School, 44 points (HL Maths, Economics and Latin)

My Approach to Private Tuition

Every student has talent waiting to be channeled in the right way. Some students are quiet, others outgoing; some work quickly, others have to make their thinking explicit. I make sure always to engage with a student’s particular style of learning and to present material in exciting or intuitive ways.

Remaining friendly but firm is crucial as a tutor. Sharing my own love of the subjects I teach is always the best way to help a student find new angles and ways in to the problem at hand. But ultimately, I’m still young too – I remember well how great it is to have someone explain that difficult problem in exactly the way you see it for the first time.

My video Introduction

Fun fact

I once braved the chilly waters from the glaciers in Iceland to scuba-dive between tectonic plates. Almost as thrilling as the undergraduate Economics syllabus!