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Looking for a top private tutor in Pimlico? You’ve come to the right place! We have top tutors who will come right to this picturesque corner of London


Pimlico is a beautiful area of London, well known for its gardens, beautiful architecture and rich history. Did you know it was originally known as Ebury or ‘The Five Fields’? It’s believed the name ‘Pimlico’ haled from Benjamin Pimlico and the famous brown ale he once served in his tavern. Following the regeneration after the Great Fire of London, Pimlico became a fashionable place to live, becoming an overspill of the increasingly popular West End. Thomas Cubitt began work developing Pimlico into the handsome gird system of homes seen today with the larger more affluent homes being built around the beautiful, private square gardens that are still treasured today.
Close to the Houses of Parliament and Westminster, Pimlico became a hive of political activity. Why not take a break from your Politics studies with us and wonder down to Eccleston Square where the Labour Party and Trade Unions shared offices and planned the general strike of 1926? Soak up the history and make the most of studying in this unique area. Pimlico really is an inspirational place to live and learn.
Take a study break from your History or Religious studies with us and have a look at some of the beautiful churches in the area including St Gabriel’s church, St Saviours church and St James the Less church. Studying Architecture with Tavistock Tutors? Why not head over to Pimlico School to see a fantastic example of Brutalist Architecture, it certainly is an eye opener! A short walk along the river will take you to the Tate Britain. The perfect place to soak up some culture and view some famous artwork such as some of the Pre-Raphaelite pieces, as you take a break from your Art studies with us. Chelsea College of Art and Design and the Royal Army Medical College are also near to the Tate Britain. What better place to inspire your studies and learning?


Pimlico has been home to some very influential individuals; British politician, Winston Churchill, British designer, Laura Ashley and British actor Laurence Olivier have all been residents of Pimlico. Why not follow in the footsteps of the greats and combine your living and learning in Pimlico? We have tutors that will come directly to you in the comfort of your own home or study space of choosing.
We have everything you need to assist you in reaching your potential. Whatever the subject you choose to study, be it Chemistry, Arabic, Statistics, Politics or Public Speaking, we have the top tutor for you.
Our tutors are carefully selected based on a number of specific criteria that are of great importance to us. Not only must they be knowledgeable in their subject, engaging and confident, they must be punctual, polite and have the ability to make your learning rewarding. Our top tutors can help you with a range of subjects, skills and advice. How about getting some help with your SATs tuition or with your university applications or interview preparation? Looking for flute tuition, netball tuition or help with your speech writing? Then look no further, we have the top tutor for you in Pimlico!


Can’t find a tutor to suit your subject, level, grade, class or qualification? We have the tutor for you! If you require a bilingual tutor or help with a language that you can’t see listed, we will find a top tutor to come and assist you with your learning needs. Whatever your age or aspirations we have the tutor for you in Pimlico. Tavistock Tutors are here to help and inspire you. Our tutors will help each and every student realise their goals and reach their potential.
Our tutors will tailor work to suit your learning needs, pace and preferred learning style. Our aim is to help you reach your potential. Our tutors are enthusiastic, patient and encouraging and are ready to help you with your learning needs.
What better place to take your studies than in the inspiring area of Pimlico? Did you know that Charles De Gaulle, French free leader and president once lived here? Bram Stoker, author of Dracula also once called Pimlico home, as did Arthur Foord Hughes, the famous artist. There is certainly a lot to whet your learning appetite in Pimlico.
Looking for a tutor in Pimlico? Then look no further than Tavistock Tutors. We have everything you need to help you reach your learning potential!

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