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Nicholas C

I would like to help you achieve your goal.

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Subjects I teach

Philosophy and Logic up to Graduate
Writing Skills and Critical Thinking A-Level

My Experience

I have experience as a private tutor introducing Year 12 and 13 students applying to the PPE degree at the University of Oxford to basic formal logic and early modern philosophy (i.e. Descartes to Kant).

My Qualifications

Postgraduate (UCL)
PhD – Philosophy
MPhil Stud. – Philosophy (pending)

Graduate (University of Reading)
BA Hons (1st class) – Philosophy

English Literature, Music, Theatre Studies

My Approach to Private Tuition

Studying philosophy is rarely vocational so the focus of my tutoring is usually either on (i) providing advice and guidance for students already studying the subject, or (ii) teaching non-philosophers how to use the critical thinking tools essential to the rigorous study of philosophical argumentation. My specific pedagogical methodology is largely prescribed by the needs of the specific pupil, however, I always strive to enthuse students about the material in question and to be as clear and un-pretentious as possible. I push students fairly hard, but I also strive to ensure that tuitions are fun and interesting which, given the subject I teach, isn’t particularly hard!

My video Introduction

Fun fact

I’m also a Jazz pianist!