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Nia Private Tutor
Nia Private Tutor
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£50 /hr


My Experience

3 years tutoring students aged 6 to 17. Among others, I have taught students preparing their English language and Literature IGCSEs, and students preparing to sit the French exam in the Diplôme National du Brevet (a French test whose approximate equivalent is the British GCSE).


“Aside from her excellent linguistic abilities, Nia also has very good teaching skills. Very professional, she has been rigorous, yet bringing imagination and dynamism to make her lessons more interesting and effective. Finally, Nia has always been dedicated and punctual, and we have been able to depend on her during the entire academic year.”

“Nia was able to render the topic and its techniques accessible, which encouraged my son to develop confidence in his abilities.”

“She prepared her lessons very well, always arrive on time and remained available in the event of changes in the usual plan. While maintaining good contact with the students, she proved to be rigorous and serious; this made her classes efficient and motivating.”

Subjects I teach

English ESL
French FLE
Mandarin HSK3

My Qualifications

Lycée Français de Shanghai, French baccalaureate with International American Option – grade achieved: 16.8/20

My Approach to Private Tuition

Students often have recourse to private tuition because they are not confident in their abilities. My approach is to capture or re-capture their interest and self-assurance in the subject by creating a fun, communicative and motivating atmosphere, while sharpening their skills in all dimensions of the language.

My video Introduction

Fun fact

At the age of 9 I danced at a show in Napoleon’s Imperial Theatre of Compiègne in France!