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Matthew D

I would like to help you achieve your goal.

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My Experience

I have taught over 60 students since graduating in 2014. Several of these have been with high-calibre tuition agencies, primarily for Economics A-level, although I have also tutored in Maths (11+), English Literature (up to A-level) and Politics (up to A-level). As all Economists know, specialisation is the key to productivity, so at this time I am specialising in Economics and Psychology!

A majority of my A-level students have been at very competitive schools such as St Paul’s, Immanuel, Epsom College, and Latymer and Godlophin. I have had several students receive A* grades and attend top universities such as LSE, Stanford and UCL.

In addition, I have some experience working on personal statements, CVs, interview training and University projects both at Bachelor’s and Master’s level.


Subjects I teach

Economics A-level (AQA, Edexcel, OCR, WJEC)
Economics GCSE (All exam boards)

My Qualifications

BSc in Psychology
A-levels in Psychology, Economics & Politics

My Approach to Private Tuition

I honestly do not believe I have a ‘set approach’ to tuition, other than to be committed, passionate and engaging in all my dealings with students. Beyond these simple principles (which I explain more in my video!), I try instead to tailor a program to the student and the context. For example, my approach when dealing with students who have contacted me with only a few months before exams has been radically different from the approach to those I have had for the full 2 years of A-level. This is because different students and situations require different approaches.

I suppose my approach to tuition could thus be summarised as aiming to develop the best strategy to take with a particular tuition situation, taking into account the time we have, the student’s confidence and goals in the subject, the weaknesses we are able to highlight, and anything else that might give me a better picture of how to deliver the most beneficial tuition experience I can.

Therefore, I encourage and welcome parents or students to contact me if they are considering me as a tutor, and discuss the approach that works best for you!

My video Introduction

Fun fact

I used to perform stand-up comedy routines in front of hundreds at youth festivals in the UK.

I gave up comedy to focus on human behavior and the state of the UK economy, as these are often more inherently comical.

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