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Maria N

I would like to help you achieve your goal.

Maria Private Tutor
Maria Private Tutor
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£70 /hr


My Experience

I have tutored for several years in as part of a tutorial colleges and agencies in Oxford and London. My students have ranged from key stage 3 to A-level, and have included a range of abilities, from those with learning difficulties to A* students who needed the extra challenge not provided to them in school. I have been happy to help improve my exam scores of my students by several grades and even facilitate a transfer from foundation to higher level GCSE Maths.

Subjects I teach

Biology up to A-Level
Chemistry up to A-Level
Physics up to GCSE
Maths up to A-Level

My Approach to Private Tuition

Private tuition make it possible to teach the student one-on-one, which is rare in a school setting, and valuable because no two students are the same. I take an individualised approach and tailor my teaching style depending on the needs and priorities of each student. In some cases, the main aim of private tuition is a top exam grade, and for such scenarios I can offer a wealth of revision tips and memory enhancement techniques. However, I also enjoy teaching a subject to a level beyond what is required by the curriculum to enhance appreciation of the depth of the subject. My scientific background and current biomedical research career research enable me to really interest my students in the forefront of scientific endeavour.

My video Introduction

Fun fact

I speak fluent Russian and have subtitled 12 Soviet films into English!

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