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Lucy N

I would like to help you achieve your goal.

Lucy Private Tutor
Lucy Private Tutor
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£60 /hr


My Experience

I have been tutoring and teaching psychology and sociology for 5 years.
For the past 3 years I have been the head of the psychology department of an independent college in central London.


“Lucy is without doubt that most dedicated teacher I have ever met. Her passion for Psychology and her devotion to student success made me want to try my hardest and achieve the best possible grades! Her personality – joyous, funny and hardworking (just to name a few) – is what makes her so amazing!”
Aaron – achieved an A in A-level Psychology

“Lucy has a deep knowledge of Psychology; unlike any tutor I have ever met. She is clearly passionate about teaching and sharing this knowledge which makes learning from her an honour and joy! Thank you Lucy for being such a brilliant teacher”
Tessa – achieved an A in A-level Psychology

“Lucy is an exceptional teacher: cheerful, kind, knowledgeable, passionate and most importantly incredibly inspiring. Her unique approach makes psychology lessons fun and exciting but also productive: I have learnt a lot from Lucy, for which I am deeply grateful”
Nicky – achieved an A* in A-level Psychology

Subjects I teach

Psychology up to undergraduate
Sociology up to undergraduate
Business Studies up to A-Level
University preparation (personal statement, interview practice)

My Qualifications

BSc Applied Psychology and Sociology – University of Surrey

My Approach to Private Tuition

I aim to make my lessons memorable and fun! I bring my personality to lessons so that the student enjoys the process of learning. I like to give real life examples of different psychological and sociological theories in the real world so that the student can really understand. I also challenge students to apply theories to their own experience. As well as making lessons memorable I am very thorough with material and ensure that the student is extremely clear about what they need to know. Exam technique is an area that I focus on as this is just as important as learning the subject content. I have high expectations of my students; I expect them to achieve what I know they are capable of. One of my students recently told me “Lucy, you just don’t give us the option to fail!”

Fun fact

I am related to Sigmund Freud! Freud is one of the founding fathers of Psychology and my great great uncle! hmm… so am I a psychology tutor because of nature or nurture? Or maybe a combination of both?