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Katie L

I would like to help you achieve your goal.

Katie Private Tutor
Katie Private Tutor
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£70 /hr

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My Experience

I’ve been tutoring EFL for eight years, the first three years in Spain where I also learned Spanish myself so I know how hard it can be!
In London, I have worked with people from all over the world to help with English for either personal or business use.
IELTS is a speciality and I have helped many students tackle this complex test and get the score they need for their chosen university.

Subjects I teach

IELTS Preparation
English for Business
English Pronunciation and public speaking
Life In The UK Test

My Qualifications

International House, Seville: CELTA
The King’s School, Canterbury
A Levels: German (A), Maths (B), French (C)
University of Edinburgh
MA (Hons) Politics: 2:II

My Approach to Private Tuition

The first thing I do is listen to the student to find out their language level and also, how confident they are in their speaking. Some people are shy and don’t realise how good they are!
The next thing I do is ask them ‘how do you like to learn?’. Some people prefer a very structured environment with exercises and grammar; others will prefer to learn through real-life articles, videos and story telling.
I will try to get to know the student personally and integrate my teaching materials with their interests. I have students interested in history, art, sport and even dancing!
Most importantly, I like to help the student feel relaxed. Many are new to London and life in a new city can be difficult. I have lived abroad myself so understand the problems that come with it. Many of my grammar lessons will be connected to everyday activities so they can go and practice it in the real world.

My video Introduction

Fun fact

In my spare time I’m a stand-up comedian which – I hope – gives my lessons a sense of fun and engagement! I’ve performed all over the UK including at the Edinburgh Fringe.