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Katie C

I would like to help you achieve your goal.

Katie C Private Tutor
Katie C Private Tutor
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£50 /hr


My Experience

Private tutoring experience for several French families, mainly teaching English but also assisting with other subjects, in their native language.

Subjects I teach

French – All Levels
Geography – up to GCSE
English Language & Literature – up to GCSE

My Qualifications

BA in French Studies (2:1), University of London Institute in Paris
3 A-Levels (ABB)
10 GCSEs (1 A*, 7 As, 2 Bs)

My Approach to Private Tuition

I like to get to know my students, to determine how they learn best and what their strengths and weaknesses are and, most importantly establish a rapport with them. Although I always tailor my sessions to the individual needs of the students, I find that setting a goal to achieve by the end of each session is a good measure of progress so that both the student and I can see the improvement that has been made, highlight any areas that need revisiting and easily determine achievement. Making sessions both interesting and engaging is particularly important to me as I know that if a student is unstimulated, it can be tricky to focus. Above all, I know that it is vital to inspire my students to try to find the answer themselves, rather than simply relaying information to them. This, I think is more fulfilling for both of us and builds confidence in the student which is essential to independent learning.

My video Introduction