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Juliette F

I would like to help you achieve your goal.

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Subjects I teach

French Language and Literature up to Undergraduate level
Maths (French system only) from 3ème to Terminale

My Experience

2017-2018, tutored 15-year-old in Maths (3ème in the French system which is equal to GCSE level)
2017-2018, tutored 7-year-old in French 5 hours per week. Work included dictations, pronunciation exercises and reading sessions.
2016 – 2017, tutored 16-year-old in Maths 2 hours per week. Additional hours during school holidays. Grades progressed from 9/20 to 15/20.
2015-2017, tutored 14-year-old 4 hours per week (GCSE level) in English, Maths and History. Grades progressed from 13/20 to 16/20. Additional hours during exams and school holidays.
2015 – 2016, tutored 11-year-old 2 hours per week in English and French. Responsibilities also included after-school pick-up, research and creation of materials to ensure focus and creativity.

My Qualifications

Currently studying BSc Anthropology at University College London
From 2010 to 2017, I attended the International State School Collège-Lycée Honoré de Balzac where I chose a Literary cursus with optional courses in Math, Latin and German. My grades were the following: overall average 17.1/20, 20 Math, 19 philosophy, 19 Latin, 18 French Lit., 16 English. I was elected class representative every year from 2013 to 2017 and made a member of the School Administrative Council in 2017.
In the summers of 2015 and 2016, I went to school in Nuremberg (Germany) where I took classes in Math and German.
In the summer of 2013, I was accepted into The University of Virginia (USA)’s summer enrichment program where I took classes in Physics and Global Media.

My Approach to Private Tuition

I was brought up in the French system which focuses on method and logical rigor. My sessions are therefore organized, and I usually set a program for each session, based on my tutee’s strengths and weaknesses. I adapt quickly to my tutee’s needs and can change the session’s program according to capacities. For example, one of my students had an attention disorder. I then included several breaks and more interactive work, like poetry readings and role-plays. No student is the same, and my work with every individual is different.
I put a lot of emphasis on communication and feedback, knowing what I am doing right and wrong is important to me. I am open to special requests and welcome new ideas to make our session together more entertaining. When learning is fun, you look forward to it!

My video Introduction

Fun fact

I did Ballet for 12 years and considered becoming a professional dancer!