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I would like to help you achieve your goal.

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Subjects I teach

Biology A-Level
Chemistry A-Level
Science GCSE

My Experience

In 2013, I acted as a teaching assistant at Chipping Norton School and 6th Sixth form specifically aiding the Science Department. During this time, I ensured all of the students had acquired a thorough understanding of the course matters 1st principles. I then ran after school classes precisely addressing exam technique, making them feel comfortable with the approaching assessment.

I have acted as a private tutor teaching AQA A-level Biology and OCR A-level Chemistry ensuring the students got the correct grades to enrol at institutes such as Cardiff University.

My Qualifications

I Achieved first class marks in my first year of University.

A level Results: Chemistry: A*, Biology: A, Drama and Theatre studies: A

GCSE results: Physical Education: A* Drama: A Biology: A Music: A Physics: A Mathematics: A Religious Education (short course): A Religious education : B Chemistry: B English Literature: B English Language: B

My Approach to Private Tuition

I am utterly amazed by all aspects of the sciences and I aim to convey this amazement to my tutees by bringing a dynamic touch to scientific tutoring, making it both interactive and engaging. I also strive to build a solid relationship with my students by understanding their strengths and weaknesses, then specifically tailoring a tutorial scheme which will effectively ensure they reach their academic potential.

In 2011 I found out I that I was dyslexic. This made me understand why even though I could answer every question, I could never finish the paper in time. Through years of perseverance, I have learnt how to effectively manage time and a condense my answers, which is so crucial in performing well in the sciences. These assets were key to my personal success and I strive to pass them on to every single one of my students.

My video Introduction

Fun fact

I play men’s lacrosse for University College London, which combines all of the skills I acquired from playing county and development rugby, hockey and cricket!