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Harry D

I would like to help you achieve your goal.

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My Experience

I have taught English, History, History of Art and German to A-Level with a high success rate. I have written, directed and produced several plays, including a production at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre. I attended Eton College and prepare future Etonians for their interviews. I have a 100% success rate in this field. Additionally, I work with students to build the perfect personal statement for which I have also had 100% success.

Subjects I teach

English, History and Drama to A-Level
German to First year undergraduate
Creative Writing
Interview Practice
Personal Statements

My Qualifications

Ludgrove School
A grade aged eleven for the Eton College admissions test (immediate acceptance subject to grades).

Eton College
A-Levels: History (A), History of Art (A), German (A)
German exams were taken under PRE-U award scheme
AS-Levels: History (A), History of Art (A), English (A), German (A)
President of the History of Art Society
Recipient of the Eton College Theatre Award for Outstanding Contribution to Drama (previous recipients I’m proud to say were both Eddie Redmayne and Tom Hiddleston!)

Bristol University
German – upper 2.i bachelor’s degree
One of six university students to be accepted onto the Bristol Old Vic Theatre Course (the only fresher student.)

My Approach to Private Tuition

For me interaction is the most important thing and it’s what really distinguishes this service from what a client learns in school. There is nothing worse than a full room of students sitting in complete silence whilst a teacher rambles on in a monotone. This is why Tavistock is such a great opportunity for any learner. A teacher will come to you for a one on one interaction, creating a specific lesson plan catered to the client. Personally, my approach is very narrative focused. I will explain something in as detailed and engaging a way as possible. Trust me – the more you study, the more you learn that everything is interesting and can be made enjoyable. Even topics you think are unspeakably dull! After I have finished my explanation, it’s over to you. A student of mine will explain the subject back to me in her or his own words. When we’re both satisfied that you have a firm grasp on the material we can begin to apply it. Much of what I teach revolves around delivery and presentation (essays, creative work, talking about yourself, speeches). It is imperative that we find a method that works for you that we can apply to a whole range of projects. I am extremely persistent in rooting out your weaknesses and strengths. I am highly skilled at rectifying or playing up to them accordingly.

My video Introduction

Fun fact

I have performed two pieces of theatre for Queen Elizabeth II. The first was from Jeeves and Wooster and the second was an adaptation of Ian Fleming’s Goldfinger!

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