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Haris J

I would like to help you achieve your goal.

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Subjects I teach

Economics GCSE to Degree level
Business Studies GCSE to Degree level
Accounting GCSE to Degree level
Mathematics GCSE to Degree level
Statistics GCSE to Degree level
Finance GCSE to Degree level

My Experience

I am a professional, full-time private tutor based in London. I have over 4 years of private tutoring experience and over 6 years of working in London as a Business Consultant within Financial Services sector. I am a specialist in online tuition and my past online tutoring clients include students in the UK and abroad.

I use digital pen and online whiteboard technologies to deliver my lessons in addition to webcam contact so that the student can also see on screen what I write on paper. My past corporate experiences include:

• 2016-17: Assistant Vice President – RBS Group (London)
• 2015-16: Manager – Deloitte LLP (London)
• 2013-15: Senior Consultant – Deloitte LLP (London)
• 2011-13: Consultant – Deloitte LLP (London)
• 2010-11: Analyst – United Nations (Bangkok)

Having applied to elite UK universities at undergraduate and graduate levels in the past, I am also able to offer guidance with respect to university applications, personal statements and course selection. Additionally, I can also provide advice in relation to career development in the fields of business consulting, finance, audit and accountancy.

My Qualifications

2017: Postgraduate Diploma in Information Systems Auditing (ISACA)
2017: Associate Chartered Accountant (ICAEW)
2016: Diploma in Business Analytics (Wharton Business School)
2014: Certificate in Business Innovation (Harvard Business School)
2013: Qualified Member (British Mensa, The High IQ Society)
2010: MSc International Political Economy (London School of Economics)
2009: BSc Honours in Economics (University of Warwick)
2006: Straight 5 A*s in A Levels (Economics, Maths, Accounting, Urdu, Business)
2004: Straight 8 A*s in GCSEs (Additional Maths, English, Commerce, Islam)

My Approach to Private Tuition

I have a strong passion for tutoring and I combine this passion with my work experience and professionalism. This has led me to take-up private tutoring on a full-time basis, in place of a lucrative banking career.

I believe personalised and result-driven approaches are essential ingredients for effective tutoring. I believe a good tutor is adaptable to both exam-oriented tutoring and tutoring for the sake of gaining knowledge. My tutoring strengths include:

• Focus on getting the concepts right
• Professionalism
• Passionate
• Emphasis on past-papers
• Patience and simplified explanations
• Subject matter expertise

Client Feedback

Ms. R – BA Business Studies Student from University of London

‘Haris was my tutor for about 6 weeks. He is very keen and dedicated in his job. He explains the concepts very clearly and succinctly. He was very patient with me as English was not my first language. There were days when I hated the subject but Haris encouraged me and helped me to utilise my abilities to their fullest. He is very efficient when it comes to his reaching his aims and always seeks his hardest to achieve the targets. I strongly recommend Haris to all my friends and family members.’

Mr. H – A Level Economics Student from Cambridge Examinations Board
‘Haris tutored me in the subjects of Mathematics, Accounting and Economics, enabling me to score A-stars in all three. He also helped me choose the right subject combinations which directly pertain to the career I am wishing to pursue. I managed to score 13 A-stars at GCSEs due to his guidance. Haris continues to assist me in my university applications and is currently preparing me for admission into the PPE course at Oxford University.’

Ms. R – MSc Economic Policy Student from University College London
‘Unlike other tutors, when you explain something it sticks in my head.’

Mr. R – A Level Economics Student from Edexcel Board
‘It was a pleasure to be tutored by you. It was extremely helpful. My exam went very well. I felt quite confident with it. I only wish I had called you earlier than I did and maybe started the tuition straight after my January exams. However, the help you gave me in the little time we had was brilliant. Thank you again.’

Mr. B – Executive MBA Student from Imperial College London
‘I would like to thank Haris for his professionalism in giving me tuition for an exam in macroeconomics. He has been able in a short period of time to give me some good foundations which enabled me to answer the exam questions confidently. He has been very focused in guiding me through the principles of macroeconomics and I have found his tuitions very effective. This has resulted in the top mark in my exam.’

Mr. E – A Level Business Studies Student from AQA Board
‘We are very impressed with Haris. My son gets on very well with Haris.’

Mr. C – Economics Adult Learner from UK Banking Industry
‘I thought, in all honesty, you were patient, likeable, kind, and encouraging. I thought you covered the material well and concisely, and, really, I don’t see how what you were offering could have been done any better. It was brilliant.’

Fun fact

I am a Padel enthusiast. Padel is a racket sport most popular in Spanish-speaking countries. I regularly train in Padel with my coach and play the game at a competitive level such as competing in the British Padel Tour.