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Haris Private Tutor
Haris Private Tutor
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£50 /hr


My Experience

I have been teaching for 8 years. My speciality lies in Science specifically Physics and Mechanics. I put things in to context for students and try to connect with them on a personal level. I believe that everyone has a special talent which needs to be explored and put to use.

I was selected and worked as a Univerisity of Bath outreach tutor to teach A-Level and GCSE students in varius schools in Somerset. These students were high achivevers and my aim was to promote them further so they could pursuit Science at University level.

I taught “Introduction to Engineering” at a summer school held at the University of Oxford to students from over 98 countries.

I have delivered over 700 hours of lessons

Subjects I teach

Mechanical Engineering undergraduate
Physics A-Level
Chemistry A-Level
Biology A-Level
SAT preparation
GMAT preparation

My Qualifications

Jinnah Highs School system,
Deptuy Headboy
Physics: A
Chemistry: A
Maths: B
AS Biology: B

Cricket team captain.

My Approach to Private Tuition

I belive that learning is an instinctive activity and a tutor just facilitates the student to find the learning in the right direction. My approach to learning and teaching is such that I emphasise on the understanding and reak down difficult concepts to smaller and simpler pieces until they come as natural to the student.

My video Introduction

Fun fact

I can ride horses, bareback, no saddle ! (its harder than it sounds)