Subjects I teach

Business Studies up to Postgraduate
History up to Postgraduate
Law up to Undergraduate
Economics up to A-Level
Politics up to A-Level
Personal Statements
Interview Skills

My Experience

I have a great wealth of experience in tutoring children of all ages. I am a father of five girls who have gone through the system. I was a commercial solicitor for twenty years before I recognized my calling as a teacher. I retired from a legal practice and have been tutoring children for the last ten years primarily in Business Studies, Economics, History and Law.
Business Studies: I have tutored many students preparing for the AQA and Edexcel exam boards; GCSE, AS and A-Level. I have also tutored many university students a variety of modules in Marketing, Human Resources Management, Finance and Corporate Strategy. These students attend University of London, Queen Mary College and Birkbeck College, Imperial College, UCL and Newcastle University.
History: I am familiar with AQA and Edxecel exam board. Some of the subjects I have tutored include: at A-Level: Russia 1864-1941, The USSR 1941-1991, Germany Kaiser to Fuhrer, Elizabethan Britain 1547-1603, The Reformation 1500-1564, The American Dream 1945-1980; at GCSE level 20th century America, The USA in Vietnam, The USA 1919-1941. At university level modules tutored include: Machiavelli, 20th century USA, Slavery in America, Gender Studies, 19th century Germany.
Law: LLB – Birkbeck College and University of Exeter – Contracts, Torts & Criminal law, as well as OCR exam board for AS and A-Level law.

My Qualifications

University of Kent – PhD History 2015-2018
University of London – Birkbeck – MA Medieval History Merit, with High Distinction on thesis 2013-2014
University of Western Ontario – LLB – Merit – 1986-1989
McGill University – MBA – 1984-1986 – Merit – Double Major: Finance and Marketing
Concordia University – B Commerce – 1981-1984 – Merit

My Approach to Private Tuition

I have a very friendly manner for teaching my students. As a father of five teenage and twenty something daughters I know what is needed to foster success in education. I find that encouragement can help build confidence that is so often absent in very capable students. Finding this avenue to foster achievement is what I do best when tutoring.

I use a variety of techniques to stimulate creative thought and do my best to avoid repetitive lecturing to impart subject knowledge – for too much of this is seen in the classroom. My business experience as a former solicitor helps me with the Business Studies curriculum as I am able to provide real world examples to enhance the often mundane and dry textbook materials. I have had the great fortune of having had some excellent teachers throughout my life and try to follow the path they have set for me.

My video Introduction

Fun fact

My kids say I tell too many ‘Dad’ jokes!