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Gabriel B

I would like to help you achieve your goal.

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£50 /hr


My Experience

I have extensive experience tutoring pupils in a wide range of subjects, both in Amsterdam, where I completed my secondary education and, more recently, in London. While at The Barlaeus Gymnasium, arguably the top grammar school in The Netherlands, I tutored students aged twelve to eighteen in English, History, Economics and Classical Greek. Since graduating from the University of Cambridge and moving to London last year, I have mainly been tutoring English and Maths (Key stages 2 and 3), with a particular focus on children from first- and second-generation immigrant backgrounds and/or those dealing with learning difficulties.

I have also helped pupils apply – successfully – to the University of Cambridge, Amsterdam, Beijing and Krakow, conducting mock interviews and reading through their personal statements.

Subjects I teach

English 11+
Maths 11+
History 11+ up to GCSE
Politics, Sociology, Anthropology – A-level to undergrad
Personal Statement

My Qualifications

Barlaeus Gymnasium Amsterdam – A-level equivalent in English, Further Maths, Economics, History, Philosophy and Classical Greek – average grade that ranked in the top 0.3% nationally.

BA in Human, Social and Political Sciences, University of Cambridge – specialisations: Politics, International Relations, Sociology, Social Anthropology – First Class mark Part 1, Upper Second Class Part 2, First Class mark Dissertation.

King’s Scholar – Title conferred on students at King’s College, Cambridge who have been awarded a First Class mark in their exams during Part 1 and/or Part 2 of their degree.

Cambridge Blue – Awarded to a few student athletes per sport each year for their achievements representing the university nationally.

My Approach to Private Tuition

No two students are the same – but neither are tutors. Having tutored children young and old, in Amsterdam and London, from privileged and less-privileged backgrounds, in group settings and individually, I’ve developed a personal approach to tutoring that centers around empowerment. By demystifying the process of learning and breaking the subject matter down to bite-sized building blocks, I strive to transform my students’ low sense of academic self-esteem into one marked by self-confidence, ensuring they leave every session with a sense of achievement.

Fun fact

My great-uncle was the last person to leave the Titanic and survive.