Subjects I teach

MATLAB Programming Language up to Postgraduate
Python Programming Language up to Postgraduate
Object-Oriented-Programing using C++ up to Postgraduate
Computational Statistics using Matlab up to Postgraduate
Biomedical Image Processing up to Postgraduate

My Experience

For the last 4 years I’ve been involved in teaching 4 modules for the BEng Biomedical Engineering students at King’s College London, those are:

– Computational Statistics Using Matlab
– Computer Programming Using Matlab
– Object-Oriented Programming Using C++
– Biomedical Imaging Sceinces

I’ve been enjoying these courses so much, that I kept offering to help with the teaching every year! Now, I feel that I want to help more students who are also interested in coding, statistics, and imaging sciences.

My Qualifications

I’m a scientist at the Imaging Sciences division at King’s college London, St Thomas Hospital. I’ve finished both, my PhD and MSc, also at KCL in Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Sciences.

My Approach to Private Tuition

I used to be terrified of coding! Our undergraduate teachers made it seem very difficult and boring. This completely changed when I started my MSc at King’s College London in 2009. What happened? We had an amazing computer programming teacher! I learnt that coding can be fun and exciting, something that I now consider to be the focus point of the way I teach. I wont just teach you how to code, I will teach you how to enjoy coding!

Fun fact

10 years ago I decided to buy a new hand watch every year, now I have 10 (obviously)!