Subjects I teach

7+ Exam preparation
8+, 11+ & 13+ Exam preparation

My Experience

I have been teaching for the last 5 years in both independent prep schools and state primary schools. I currently teach in a large, excellent prep school, and am responsible for the personal and academic well-being and progression of eighteen Year 4 children that are in my class. I teach all the core subjects, and also do lots of games teaching too.

I have previously always taught in Key Stage One, and so my knowledge of the Key Stage One curriculum is excellent, and my skills and ability to teach this age group, allow me to transfer this knowledge to exam preparation easily.

I currently tutor a range of children from age 5 to 13, focusing on both exam practice and general catch up on school work. I have been tutoring since September 2015 and I love being able to form a professional relationship on a one to one level and see the success and progress that these children make.

I have always been graded as either ‘excellent’ or ‘outstanding’ in any lesson observations, and I am extremely proud of this achievement, as I do not settle for anything less than the best, and this is something that you can rely on me for as a tutor. I am a determined, approachable and friendly individual that wants the best for the children I work with.

My Qualifications

GCSE: 7 A Grades, 2 A*s
A Level: 3 A Grades
Undergraduate degree: Social Psychology, 2:1, Loughborough University
Postgraduate degree: PGCE Primary Education, MA credits, Institute of Education, UCL

My Approach to Private Tuition

I believe that the most important aspect of private tuition is that the child is happy and enjoying the sessions. From experience, when this is the case, the most positive outcomes are achieved. I am a friendly and energetic tutor who engages children during sessions by appealing to their interests and making the learning as fun as possible. When the children do not realise they are learning, this is often when they learn best.

I create a safe environment where children feel confident to try out new ideas and challenge themselves, and where mistakes are looked upon as excellent opportunities to learn, rather than in a negative way. I praise the children when they are successful to ensure that they feel confident and are pleased and excited by what they have achieved.

Professional relationships are of the upmost importance to me and so I would strive to do everything in my power to ensure that I have successful and positive relationships with parents, as this is paramount to the children achieving success. I have always been praised on my ability to work in a team, both as a member and a leader, and I believe that private tuition is no different. I need to work with you in order to make sure that your child is happy and reaching their full potential. I promise to do everything in my power to achieve this and for your child to look forward to and enjoy our lessons each week.

My video Introduction

Client Feedback

“Frankie has been tutoring our son Boris for 7 plus entry. She has an excellent attitude and always prepares interesting sessions which have helped our son blossom. She is very punctual and has provided us with invaluable input in relation to the whole process. We would strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a tutor that they can rely on.” Petar, Greenwich

“Since Francesca started tutoring my daughter for KS1 (year 1), my daughter’s confidence and performance in phonics and maths has excelled at school. In only a matter of months, Francesca has completed the whole Year 1 curriculum and is now working with my daughter on Year 2! Francesca is a very patient, understanding, flexible and creative tutor. She gives insightful feedback and support to us as parents, so we can work constructively with our daughter. We all look forward to her visits and thoroughly recommend her. Our money have never been better spent!” Linda, Islington

Fun fact

I have bathed an Asian elephant in a river!