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My Experience

12+ Spanish and Health Sciences adviser (Peraj Mexico volunteering program -Julio Cortzar Primary School-)

It was during the last year of my undergraduate degree as a Biologist when I started gaining experience as an adviser and tutor. I was involved in a one-year support program that gave personal guidance and support to children aged between 10-12 from a low-income family who need private lessons to improve their grades in school.

A-level: Biology supply teacher and Laboratory technician of 16 to 18-year-old students (Serrano Montalbn Educative Centre High School).
One-to-one tutoring College applicants in Life sciences field.

I had the opportunity to be a teacher to high school-level students. I received an invaluable experience presenting and sharing my knowledge by giving lectures and one-on-one sessions. I taught these courses: General Biology and Biology for Life and Medical Sciences. Apart from teaching, during this time I assisted students in their to College/University application as well. They asked my advice due to their interest in pursuing a degree in Life Sciences; I provided face-face sessions to talk about their interest in the field, how prepared in the subject they were or what they could do to increase their chances of getting a place in a good university. My experience as a graduate student helped younger applicants to make decisions, overcome insecurities and acquire a clearer idea of the benefits of studying a degree in Life Sciences.

Undergraduate level: Biology of Reproduction and Neuroendocrinology laboratory demonstrator.
One-to-one sessions with Biology students (theory and practical laboratory skills) National Autonomous University of Mexico -UNAM-.

I was a demonstrator from my laboratory before and after obtaining my Master`s degree. I received small groups of first year Biology students and I showed them the type of experiment I was doing then. I used to explain a brief background understandable to their level and then I performed my experiment to them. After this experience, I was a tutor to several 2nd year Biology students who were interested in knowing more about Reproduction, Neuroendocrinology and Neurobiology. I was responsible for students who came during the summer and taught them the basic laboratory techniques necessary for their project and future studies.

I am currently a Postgraduate Teaching Assistant registered in the School of Life and Medical Sciences at University College London.

Subjects I teach

A-level to Undergraduate/Early Postgraduate:
Animal Biodiversity

My Qualifications

PhD Student in Neuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacology. University College London: Alzheimer`s Disease project.

Master in Science in Animal Biosciences (University of Edinburgh, Roslin Institute) -Merit.
Modules included: Foundations of Animal Science; Comparative Animal Studies; Laboratory Tools for the Biosciences; One Health, Zoonosis and Emerging Infectious Diseases; Avian Biology; Advanced Analytical Methods in Animal Biosciences

Biology degree (National Autonomous University of Mexico, UNAM) 9th place Class Ranking -1st Honours.

Serrano Montalbn Educative Centre High School. Overall grade 9/10.

Communications Officer in the Mexican Society Committee UCL 2017-18.


Overseas postgraduate (PhD) studies CONACyT scholarship.
Overseas postgraduate (MSc) studies CONACyT scholarship.
The Roslin Institute Fee Grant for MSc in Animal Biosciences 2014-2015. The University of Edinburgh.

My Approach to Private Tuition

Every student has different abilities and ways to learn. My tutoring service will be totally personalised and very supportive. My experience in teaching plus my experience as a research student have provided me with a variety of skills to help you get through difficult Biology or Physiology subjects that seemed to be impossible. I have learned to understand how empathy and enthusiasm can motivate others. I can help students to empower their knowledge and develop the necessary potential by using examples and visual resources. Let`s start this tutoring journey together!

My video Introduction

Fun fact

I love karaoke but I am not a good singer! My spirit animal: the giraffe.