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I would like to help you achieve your goal.

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Subjects I teach

Biology up to A-Level
Chemistry up to A-Level
Mathematics, chemistry, biology, physics and combined science GCSE courses
Sciences and mathematics 11+ and 13+

My Experience

I have been a mentor of first year undergraduates studying Biochemistry, Biomedical sciences and Molecular Biology for the last year. I run a small group of 6-8 people to help with revision and coursework, and to act as a forum to discuss work.

I also meet with first year undergraduates individually to discuss particular concepts which may be challenging, whether it’s the calculus associated with chemical kinetics, applying statistics to genetics or explaining how DNA mutations may affect protein function.

My Qualifications

University College London: 

I am an undergraduate of Molecular Biology BSc, and received the highest results in my academic year, including achieving the highest mark ever recorded in a core module ‘Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.’

Awarded the Margaret Kerly memorial award for academic performance and most deserving Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Molecular biology undergraduate.

Awarded the Old Student’s Association scholarship for undergraduate academic performance at a university wide level.


Biology (A*), Mathematics (A*), Chemistry (A), Photography (A)


General Studies (A)


8 A*s and 1A including Mathematics, English and Sciences

My Approach to Private Tuition

When I was in school I was often frustrated by rigid teaching. There are often many ways to approach a problem or difficult concept, so I tailor my teaching style based on what helps you learn the most. I encourage an active learning environment rather than a passive one, by asking questions and allowing you to make mistakes. I have found this approach effective in increasing confidence when answering exam questions, and to therefore maximise your grade.

As a tutor I am driven by engaging the student in their subject, and I aim to share my passion in the sciences. Whether you are a born scientist or your main interests lie elsewhere, I can help you develop skills useful in many disciplines, such as problem solving, critical analysis and creativity.

I can help you achieve the grades you are aiming for in exam boards such OCR, AQA, Edexcel and beyond, or simply help you learn more about maths and science!

My video Introduction

Client Feedback

‘Charlie is a fantastic tutor! He is very patient and asks me lots of questions to direct me to the correct answer. I always look forward to our sessions together.’ 1st year biotechnology undergraduate.

Fun fact

There’s a well under my house – if you need any fresh water just let me know!