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Alexandra W

I would like to help you achieve your goal.

Alexandra Private Tutor
Alexandra Private Tutor
Home Tutoring
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£50 /hr


My Experience

Private tutoring for 6 months

Subjects I teach

History up to A-Level & Pre-U
Politics A-Level
Philosophy and Ethics A-Level

My Qualifications

2018: BA in History at UCL
2015: A-Levels in Pre-U History, Philosophy and Ethics, Politics (A*, A*, A*)
2014: Economics AS grade A
S014: EPQ Grade A*
2012 GCSE’s 10A*, 1A

My Approach to Private Tuition

I am an enthusiastic and supportive history teacher. I have taught and tutored at many levels, CE to A-Levels and to very diverse groups of students. My teaching style is patient, clear, and adaptable to a wide range of student backgrounds and needs.

I aim to make history and learning interesting and fun; to employ different types of learning; to accommodate students with different learning styles; to develop students’ independent analytical skills that they can transfer to other subjects and classes; and most importantly, encourage wider reading around the subject and the flair and depth which takes an answer to the highest grade.

My aim is to guarantee my students’ success in exams, school and university entrance, and to work with my students to gain long-term confidence in communication and writing over the years ahead.

Fun fact

I have a qualification in sign language!

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