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Alex G

I would like to help you achieve your goal.

Alex Private Tutor
Alex Private Tutor
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£220 /hr


My Experience

As a young person I used to read slowly. Because I labeled myself dyslexic, I would avoid reading books. It was on the third year of my Agricultural Engineering degree, that under a lot of pressure to perform, I decided to quit my degree for good. My interest in learning only really developed once I learnt how to speed read at the age of 21.

I’ve been teaching Speed Reading for more than 9 years and I’ve written a book about accelerated learning to be published soon.

I’ve coached more than 3,600 people how to read faster, including professionals from Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Google, GE, Bloomberg, eBay, O2, KPMG, The Wall Street Journal, The Walt Disney Company, Addeco, Ernst & Young, Home Office, Thomson Reuters, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Lloyds Bank, Citigroup, Sage, Bank of America, PwC and HSBC.


Improved 59%. Fantastic. Real Return on Investment! Very lovely presenter!

Ellie Moseley – Business Development – Thomson Reuters

Improved 317%. I have found it extremely useful. I have struggled with reading since I was a child and I feel that these tools are good to really kick stat a new passion for reading.

Nikki Jones – Marketing and Sponsorship Executive – O2

Improved 100%. Target improvement was 30% and actual improvement was 100%! Good techniques to practice. Thanks!

Jennifer Bodie – Analyst – Goldman Sachs

Improved 55%. Great course. Very helpful. Potentially revolutionary to my life.

Jo Evans – Sales Trading – Citigroup

Improved 213%. Don’t know where to start. I learned much more than how to read faster. Amazing tools for life and I am inspired to be better.

Kellie Golboume – Sales Executive for Film Distribution – The Walt Disney Company

Improved 84%. I saw I could read faster while actually improving my understanding. Ideas did stick.

Sandrine Andre – Business Analyst – JP Morgan

Improved 165%. Liked it because I feel as I can read faster and not feel as tired when reading.

Thomas Di Fonzo – Video Jornalist – The Wall Street Journal

Improved 63%. I wish speed reading courses could be made compulsory at every law school and university. I can’t believe learning a few simple reading techniques could have saved me half the anxiety of exams and standardised tests not to mention thousands of pounds spent on testing materials and some law courses. I had started hating reading for pleasure because of the numerous hours I spent on legal reading for work and school. I’d say it is one of the most rewarding amounts I’ve spent on my career! Definitely worth the money.

Flora Mutuku – Law student – BPP Law School

Improved 82%. Very informative and useful – able to apply skills to everyday life. Can identify with several of the examples given. Very good course. Wish I had been on this course years ago.

Ahilan Pathmanathan – Doctor – NHS

Subjects I teach

Accelerated Learning
Speed Reading
Gain Knowledge Faster: shortcuts, software, Apps, summaries, videos and advanced techniques
Build Confidence: study and make decisions faster

My Qualifications

Bachelor Degree in Business, FESP – Brazil
MA in Marketing and Advertising, FAE – Brazil
Learning Difficulties Practitioner using the Raviv Method
Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming with Richard Bandler

My Approach to Private Tuition

I’m leading a revolution to help people develop their love for reading books. I’m certain that I can unlock the potential of students and professionals to become more focused, and advance in their fields at a greater speed.

I’ve discovered that your brain loves speed and gets bored and distracted if you read slowly and keep skipping back to reread text.

My sessions are bespoke. I use advanced science and psychology to explain the way you read, and how to start reading with a different part of your brain, in order to accelerate your learning style. You can also gain knowledge faster with shortcuts, software, Apps, summaries, video and advanced techniques that will help you learn faster so you can make decisions in half the time with confidence.

I help increase reading productivity with such a smooth and simple methodology, that I guarantee that you will be able to read 33 to 100%+ faster in just two and a half hours, or I will give your money back.

These tutoring sessions are perfect for you if you want to:

achieve better grades
get more confident while studying
be up to date in your area
gain better qualifications
reach deadlines on time
standout amongst your peers
get a job promotion
make more money
read more books
enjoy more free time

My video Introduction

Fun fact

I walked barefoot across a 26 foot bed of hot coals, around 1,600 degrees fahrenheit, and I didn’t get burnt!