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Speed Reading Tutors

Tavistock Tutors can arrange speed reading tutors in the London area. If you have to do a lot of reading for your career or studies, then tuition in speed reading could save you a lot of time while also improving your understanding and recall ability.

Speed reading tuition has helped a lot of professionals to quickly get through piles of reading without missing important points or information. By improving your reading speed, you can work quicker and more effectively which will result in multiple improvements across your work. The advantages of speed reading tuition are vast, and so it is well worth investing in tuition with Tavistock Tutors.

Techniques and practical exercises to improve your reading speed

Tuition with one of our speed reading tutors will cover a variety of exercises and techniques that can be used to improve reading speed. Methods such as skimming, scoping, step reading and cueing will all be covered to give you the opportunity to find out which works best for you. Your tutor will work through these techniques with you, putting them to practice through everyday examples to ensure that you can continue to use the skills you have gained after the tutoring sessions. Every one works at their own pace, but you should see a significant improvement in your reading speed after just a few sessions.

Private speed reading tuition all around London

Speed reading tuition with Tavistock Tutors has the substantial benefit of being private, one-on-one tuition so you can learn in the comfort of your own home. Our tutors are available at all times of the year, all around the London area, so we can be very flexible when arranging tuition. The advantage of private tuition is that you can learn at your own pace and focus on what you want to focus on. Learning to speed read in this environment leads to brilliant results.

If you are interested in organising speed reading tuition with one of our experienced tutors, or would just like to know more about the service we can provide, please contact Tavistock Tutors today.

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Speed Reading

As a young person I used to read slowly. Because I labeled myself dyslexic, I would avoid reading books. It was on the third year of my Agricultural Engineering degree, that under a lot of pressure to perform, I decided to quit my degree for good. My interest in learning only really developed once I learnt how to speed read at the age of 21. I’ve been teaching Speed Reading ......

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