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Abu Private Tutor
Abu Private Tutor
Home Tutoring
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£50 /hr


My Experience

Spent two years assisting teachers in GCSE classes.

Subjects I teach

Maths up to A-Level
Chemistry up to A-Level
Physics up to A-Level

My Qualifications

First Class grade – 1st Year Chemical Engineering
First Class grade – 2nd Year Chemical Engineering
A-Levels: A’s in Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Geography, A in AS Further Maths
GCSEs: 6 A*s, 4 As

My Approach to Private Tuition

Every student learns best in different ways, but one thing I have always found is that people remember encounters very well. If the situation in which a student learned something is memorable, interactive and engaging, it’s more likely to remain in the mind.

Furthermore, true understanding of concepts, such that are required to excel in higher exams, is consolidated when ideas and concepts link to existing knowledge, potentially from other subjects. Emphasising the formation of such linkages is takes a substantial role in my teaching.

I will make sure every session is enjoyable and that the material is conveyed such that students not only understand, but connect with the subject, as the better the students enjoy it, the better they will perform.

My video Introduction

Fun fact

I can read your future from your palm!

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