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    My Experience

    During my A-levels I have tutored some GCSE students Physics in London. From the summer before until now I have taught more than 20 students, both British and Chinese for A-level Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Economics. Apart from that, I have volunteered myself as a GCSE Mathematics tutor to help students at a London school during my first year in Uni. I have also tutored some students for IELTS and guided them to write personal statements. I have worked both online and offline previously so I am quite flexible.

    Subjects I teach

    Economics A-Level
    Mathematics GCSE and A-Level
    Further Mathematics A-level

    My Qualifications

    A-level Economics A, A-level Mathematics A*, A-level Further Mathematics A*
    GMAT 730
    IELTS 8
    Warwick University Economics degree 2:1 for second year

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    Economics really opens a new world for me as I am amazed by how it could help world function so efficiently and how it could maximise people’s utilities. That’s why I dedicated myself to study Economics both in A-Level and University level. I am also a very mathematical person who always enjoys to statistically analyse data. Besides that, I am always passionate about education. It satisfies me when I could use my efforts to help other people improve and achieve their goals. My tutoring style is very inspirational. I love to ask a lot of questions and give many real life examples to help students better understand and remember all the complicated stuffs.

    Fun fact

    I am operating my own social media and may become a KOL in the future.

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