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    My Experience

    Training Contract Secured with Clyde & Co for 2016 (post GDL and LPC)
    I taught English for a year in Vienna to trainee teachers, where I taught large classes, tutored individuals, and proofread dissertations and essays.
    I spent a month teaching a variety of subjects to Buddhist monks in Kathmandu.
    For three years I was a volunteer for a student listening service at St Andrews.
    More recently I have trained as a mentor to work with offenders at HMP Brixton.

    Subjects I teach

    International Relations
    Law and German to A-Level
    English Language and English Literature GCSE
    English as a foreign language

    My Qualifications

    MA(Hons) German and International Relations (with an integrated year abroad) [Upper Second Class Honours, University of St Andrews]

    A-Levels in German, Law, English Literature and Maths (AAAB respectively, 2009)

    12 GCSEs (8 A*s, 4 As)

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    For me, the key to being a good tutor is being able to adapt to my tutee’s needs. I’m flexible with my time and my approach, and will happily adapt to the requirements of my tutee. Not everybody learns in the same way, nor at the same pace – this may seem obvious, but it is something that many schools and Universities fail to adapt to. Furthermore everybody has their strengths and their weaknesses, and as a tutor I aim to play to your strengths and get the most from each tutorial.

    I value the importance of really listening and communicating with my tutees from the start. Classroom teaching is all too often didactic in its manner, whereas good tutoring is based on communication, mutual respect, and a personalised approach to learning. Having been a teacher, a tutor, and a tutee myself, I understand what works and what doesn’t work.

    I always begin by setting realistic and attainable targets for the tutee. These targets represent an objective to which the tutee is both willing and able to work towards. I then encourage the development of a clear strategy to establish how we’re going to reach the targets together.

    Recognising the best way to structure an essay often comes from structured discussion of the subject matter and an exploration of various texts and arguments. I can help you to develop your ideas, create and defend your arguments and form your essay.

    There is little doubt that education provides the pathway to so many opportunities in life. As such, I’m a strong believer in encouraging tutees to think for themselves, to become self-motivated in their studies, and to pursue the subjects they’re passion about.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    When I was 17 I organised an expedition to the Himalayas. I also used to present an award-winning radio show!

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