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    My Experience

    Over the last four years Wiebke has worked with young individuals aged between 7-18 years.

    Student 1 Derby
    One 15 year old girl approached Wiebke to support her with GCSE French and German preparation. The student was successful in her final summer exams and went on to study both languages at A-Level.

    Student 2 Derby
    Wiebke worked with a 17 year old student who had sought help with her AS French exam over two intensive weeks. She had low self-esteem when it came to her written work. The student sat her AS exam and was awarded an A grade – 2 grades higher than what she had been predicted.

    Student 3 Montpellier
    The Mother of 10 year old twins in Montpellier approached Wiebke to introduce her boys to English. Wiebke structured the lessons around fun movement games, flash-cards and basic conversational role-playing. They wouldn’t stop singing ‘head shoulders knees and toes’.

    Student 4 Montpellier
    15 year old twins enlisted Wiebke’s help to help them prepare for their end of year English examination. Wiebke worked with them weekly and asked the students to set themselves manageable goals for each week and every lesson reviewed what had been discussed the week before.

    Student 5 Toulouse
    Wiebke worked as an Au-Pair for a family with three children in Toulouse. She learnt how to strike the balance between friend and tutor, focused-time and down-town.


    Subjects I teach

    French language and literature A-Level
    English language and literature A-Level
    Drama A-Level
    German language and literature A-Level

    My Qualifications

    Repton School ( 2007-2012)
    – Five A Levels : German – A* , French, English, Spanish, Drama – all A
    – Nine A* GCSEs : English Language and Literature, Latin, Ancient Greek, German, French, Drama, Spanish, Art

    University College London (2012-2016)
    – Upper second class honours French and English

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    Over the last four years I have tutored young people aged 7-18 preparing for examinations and mentored them in their study approach. Too often in schools the focus is on ‘ticking the right boxes’ in exams rather than enjoying a subject. Whilst every subject may not be exciting for everyone, I believe studying can be made fun through a positive outlook and confidence. Every student is different so I encourage different learning techniques best suited to each, help set up manageable goals and equip my tutees with transferable and independent learning skills. My focus when tutoring is always on creating a safe environment based on values of mutual respect and trust – learning isn’t only fun but also useful and it’s ok to make mistakes because mistakes lead to progress! As a tutor, I consider myself to be a guide rather than a teacher because I am approachable and open right from the first lesson and encourage a learning which is prompted and found by the tutees themselves rather than lectured by me. I’ve found that working in this way helps create a sense of achievement after every lesson and ultimately brings results.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I’m teaching myself to play the harmonica!

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