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    My Experience

    7 years of teaching and tutoring at independent day schools
    1 year of teaching university
    3 years each for 3 separate tutoring agencies


    ‘Whitney really helped me succeed on the AP exam’

    ‘Thank you so much for tutoring – we don’t know what we would have done in Spanish without you’

    Subjects I teach

    French all levels
    Spanish all levels

    My Qualifications

    BA in French and Spanish – Skidmore College (2006)
    MA in Spanish Literature – Middlebury College (2008)
    MA in French Literature – Middlebury College (2010)

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    “My teaching methods aim to help the student draw connections between the grammar and vocabulary while applying it in a more authentic life context.  This allows them to understand how and when to use the appropriate grammar and vocabulary in certain situations.  After every session I like to wrap up with some review and even assign the student a little work so that they continue practicing at home.”

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I played tennis for university and now coach it in London!

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