Veronica D

My Passion & How I Inspire

Ever since I started studying Psychology at school I have always been fascinated with how the subject relates to human nature and can be used to help others.

While at university I became passionate about the impact psychology can have on low income communities and at risk populations. I was specifically impressed about the way psychology can be a very effective tool to improve individual performance, create inclusive environments and promote the development of individual and collective norms and values.

I consider myself a very pasionate person who is always looking for new challenges and learning opportunities. Tutoring has become one of them. Overall, I feel that the educational system overlooks individuals and fails to excite students about knowledge and specifically about how useful Psychology related topics are in every day life.

From my perspective, in education the "one size fits all" principle can't be applied. I keep my students engaged and inspired by tailoring the lessons to their own individual interests and abilities. As a tutor, it is my responsibility to offer a positive learning environment that allows students to create meaningful learning experiences.

My Experience

Overall, I have a variety of experience both in the class room and from working in psychology in both professional sport and education.

I was invited to be an asisstant professor at the Catholic University of Caracas. There, I was in charge of discussing and evaluating topics related to three of the basic psychological processes: learning, memory and attention.

I have also worked as a child's Developmental Psychologist giving educational support to children and teenagers with special educational needs (dyslexia, autism, ADD, amongst others).

In addition, I work as an A-level and N5 Psychology tutor for groups of students aged 16 to 18 from England and Scotland. We work on topics such as social influence, psychopathology, sleep and dreams, research methods, individual differences across multiple exam boards.

I've also worked with children and teenagers at professional football teams (Estudiantes de Caracas S.C.), schools (Colegio San Luis) and volunteering activities (Catholic University, Caracas).

Subjects That I Teach

  • Psychology
  • Psychology - A-Level

My Qualifications

I have have just been awarded a Scholarship to start my Sports Psychology Masters (Msc) at the Autonomous University of Madrid (to start in September 2019).

I completed my BA degree at the Catholic University of Caracas with outstanding grades:

Psychology applied to Forensic Contexts (A+ equivalent), Critics to Psychological Systems (A+ equivalent), Research Project (A+ equivalent).

My Reviews

I received a 5.41/6 score as an asisstant professor (AP). The evaluation included the following aspects:

- Coherence in the way the information is presented by the AP

- The AP clearly dominates the discussed topics

- The AP let students review the marked material and explains in case there is any doubt/mistake.

- The AP treats students respectfully

- The AP recommends related and relevant bibliography

- The AP promotes students' participation in class

- AP's punctuality

- Course difficulty

I've now been able to apply these skills to my group and 1 to 1 tutoring lessons.

My Video Introduction

Fun fact

I participated in a talent show during my 4th year at university. Along with a group of friends we danced "We go together" (Grease).