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    My Experience

    I have over three years of private tutoring experience. This includes small groups as well as one-to-one sessions and I’ve taught young adult from age 6 up to 18 years.

    For two years from 2012, I ran very effective bi-weekly study session for a small group of AS and A level mathematics students. These covered the full syllabus, and crucial exam technique and revision skills.

    During the last three and a half years, at a top investment management firm, I was responsible for intern inductions and training in my department – often receiving considerable praise.

    Prior to this I also demonstrated her eagerness and knack at teaching in other ways, such as gym based dance fitness classes during my university years.


    “Sam … felt everything had become much clearer and now feels comfortable about his upcoming exam.”

    “… very happy with the tutoring received…”

    “We all found Tabitha to be extremely helpful and positive with a very pleasant personality and could highly recommend her to any future tutee. She would be a great asset.”

    Subjects I teach

    Mathematics at all levels – Common Entrance, GCSE, IB, A-Level
    Common Entrance – from 7+ upwards, covering all subjects

    My Qualifications

    First Class Honors BSci in Mathematical Science

    A-levels; maths (A), photography, textiles. AS-Level dance.

    GCSE’s; 2xA (one of which maths), 6xB, 1xC

    Finance exams;

    Full CFA Chartership

    IMC I & II

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    I’m a firm believer in highly efficient learning which manages to be good fun as well. I aim to instil a positive attitude and a sense of achievement in my students, as well as a clear understanding of how to do well in lessons and exams. After all, maths is wonderful!

    The luxury of one-to-one tuition is that each lesson can be perfectly tailored to the individual student. Before we begin, It’s essential to understand the goals and concerns of the student and parent. (After all, a revision session during half term before an exam is a vastly different beast to ongoing assistance with mathematic concepts). During the first few sessions, we identify any additional areas to work on and begin to build up knowledge and confidence.

    The key to my approach is keeping the student’s mind as active as possible. My lessons can be very questions-based and seek to guide a student to explore concepts rather than merely deposit information. Since this approach requires more engagement from the pupil, the material is better retained and more thoroughly understood.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I have a beautiful white fluffy dog called Schubert who comes to many of my lessons!

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