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    My Experience

    I studied History, Latin, Ancient Greek, Italian Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, Philosophy, History of Art at School. At University I studied History, Economics, Business, French Language and Literature, English Language and Literature. I graduated with honours in Economics and Business in 1990 at the University of Florence, Italy. Then I attended the Academy of the Italian Customs Police, where I studied Economics and trained new recruits. Since mid-Nineties I taught as private tutor in History, Italian Language, Business and Economics to English-speaking students. I strengthened my face-to-face teaching capabilities at the European Centre for University Preparation in Florence. I delivered lectures at American universities in Florence and taught at the International School of Florence. I invigilated at exams. I am a qualified financial advisor since 1993 and in 1999 I qualified as a teacher of Economics and Business. I am a permanent resident in UK since November 2017 and I have obtained on March 15th 2019 ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain). I have already passed the exam to become a British citizen. I really enjoy teaching, my method being based on the idea that “each student is different”. I understand their needs and explain in a plain way the meaning of obscure words and technical language. I always help students understand difficult theories with practical examples.

    Subjects I teach

    Italian Language
    Latin (beginners)
    Ancient Greek (beginners)

    My Qualifications

    Classicum Lyceum in Florence, Italy. Graduated with honours in Economics and Business at the University of Florence. Then attended the Academy of the Italian Customs and Fiscal Police. Qualified Financial Advisor. Qualified Economics and Business teacher recognised by the Italian State.

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    Each student is different. I understand their needs. I make them understand difficult concepts with simple examples.

    Fun fact

    I am Italian, but I speak English with a Northern European accent.

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