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    My Experience

    I absolutely love tutoring and have been doing so extensively throughout the past 6 years. Most of my teaching was done in Geneva, Switzerland – an international hub where many different curricula are taught. This gives me teaching experience with a wide range of programs, including A-Levels, IB, IGCSE, and GCSE, and with a wide range of children with many different backgrounds and needs.

    Some of my recent tutoring includes:
    I tutored a 17-year old boy in IB Higher Level Biology. Throughout my weekly one-hour sessions, I helped this pupil by systematically going through the curriculum and discovering his main areas of weakness, and then strengthening those areas by slowly explaining the topics, drawing diagrams, and going through several hundred questions from past papers. The student achieved a grade of 6 on his exams, after being predicted a 3.

    I tutored a 14-year old girl in English as a second language. The girl was a native French speaker, and I chose to conduct my lessons fully in English in order to immerse her more quickly into the language and to increase her confidence in understanding and speaking. As with all my prior students, I understood that an increase in confidence translated to better results on the student’s part. I spent 6 months tutoring this girl, throughout which she went from having no comprehension of English to being proficiently conversational and literate in the language.

    I spent one month tutoring at an organisation for children with special educational needs and disabilities. The children I tutored were aged 10 to 18 and conditions included Dyslexia, Autism, and Down’s syndrome. Through building a trusting and communicative relationship with each child and their parents, I was able to identify exact strengths and weaknesses and was kept informed about which areas of difficulty lacked sufficient school support. Furthermore, as always, I remained patient and reassuring throughout all tutoring sessions, putting great emphasis on using positive reinforcement to help the child overcome their frustrations and doubts. All parents were very pleased with the lessons, and often notified me of an improvement in subsequent school results.


    “Sophie comes to each of the lessons very well-prepared and enthusiastic, and this has most certainly rubbed off on my son, who has shown incredible academic improvement since we hired Sophie”. – Mother of IB French student

    “I hired Sophie as a tutor because my two daughters were struggling with mathematics, and she has been incredible in raising their understanding, confidence, and achievements. She is committed and friendly, and we are very happy with how she has also been keeping us updated with what happens during her lessons”. – Father of two IGCSE Mathematics students

    Subjects I teach

    Biology up to A-Level/IB HL
    Chemistry up to A-Level/IB HL
    French up to A-Level/IB SL
    Mathematics up to A-Level/IB SL
    UCAS and Personal Statements
    Admission to Medical School
    Interview Skills

    My Qualifications

    International Baccalaureate, Collège du Léman (Geneva, Switzerland):
    HL Biology – 7
    HL Chemistry – 7
    HL Mathematics – 6
    HL Psychology – 6
    SL French B – 7
    SL English Literature & Language – 6
    TOK/Extended Essay: 3

    IGCSE, Collège du Léman (Geneva, Switzerland):
    Biology – A*
    Chemistry – A*
    Physics – A*
    Mathematics – A*
    History – A*
    French B – A*
    English Literature – A*
    English Language – A*

    Since 2014, I have been studying Medicine at University College London. I am a founder of the UCL Medical School’s official magazine and I am a member of the Medical School’s student executive committee.

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    First and foremost, I place great emphasis on building a good relationship with the pupil, so that we can together diagnose what the problematic areas are and create a learning plan that is structured, realistic, and that leads to excellent understanding of the curriculum and preparation for exams.

    I commit to tutoring only a few students, thereby allowing myself to have the time to come into each lesson fully prepared with the best resources and an extremely thorough understanding of the pupil’s curriculum. I thereby also derive great enjoyment from teaching my lessons and revel in seeing progress, and although the sessions are focused and rigorous, I most definitely try to ensure that my pupils derive an equal sense of gratification from the learning they do with me. My experience has shown me that students learn best when they are interested in and enjoying the teaching, and so I put attention into searching out the style of learning and the educational activities that capture their enthusiasm the most and keep them stimulated throughout each session.

    Furthermore, I guarantee success not only by teaching, but also by inspiring and motivating. By instilling the essence of hard work, passion, and confidence into each student, I ensure that a lasting impact is left and that the effective learning continues even when I am not present.

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    Fun fact

    As a child, I moved around so much that my cat has now lived in 4 different countries and has his own passport!

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