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    My Experience

    I have worked as a tutor since 2014 and the bulk of this experience has been in preparing students for application to Ivy League schools in the USA. I have helped with the all of the above-mentioned exams in a variety of different teaching scenarios: as well as working face to face, I teach extensively via Skype. Many of my students have been apprentices with Premier League Youth Academies, including those at Manchester City and Norwich City, who are working to close up any gaps in their knowledge due to their heavy sporting schedules. I also have experience working with younger students, from 8 and up, on the ISEE and SSAT. I am experienced in working with students with special requirements resulting from learning difficulties, physical disabilities and emotional difficulties.

    Subjects I teach

    Verbal components of the SAT, SAT-2 (Subject Tests), ACT, GRE, GMAT, ISEE and SSAT
    Common Application essay support
    GCSE, AS and A Level and IB English, History, Philosophy, Religious Studies

    My Qualifications

    University of Manchester
    BA (Hons) Theology (Double First)

    Richmond Upon Thames College
    A Levels: English Literature (A), Religious Studies (A), Philosophy (A)

    Chiswick School, London
    GCSEs: English Literature (A*), English Language (A), Maths (A), Double Science (AA), French (A*), History (A), Drama (A*), Religious Studies (A*), Textiles (A)


    My Passion And How I Inspire

    Developing a good rapport with my students is a must. Where there’s trust, success follows with more ease, simply because the student discovers the conviction to give it their best shot.

    Low confidence is an obstacle that so many experience when preparing for their exams. But I have often been astonished by just how much confidence can be unlocked almost instantaneously. It all begins with the student feeling comfortable discussing what they feel they’re not good at, e.g. difficulty grasping the context of a reading passage under timed conditions or they feel their written language is not fancy enough for the essay. From there I can help them build their self-assurance in that one specific area. Often we find that anxiety about one thing has been holding them back in the rest of the exam, and once that single obstacle has been overcome, the student feels a lot better about the test as a whole.

    My students consistently amaze me, and if I’ve learned one thing over the years it’s that good results come directly from developing the fortitude to apply oneself skilfully.

    In many ways, the US standardised tests are like a game, and successful applicants will have spent months training for them, practicing strategies much as an athlete would. I use a tried-and-tested set of techniques which I adapt to fit the needs of each individual student. A combination of mastering these strategies and techniques and putting in the hours are the means to great results.


    Fun fact

    I also work with women having babies using hypnosis. Ask me how you can use self-hypnosis techniques to improve exam performance! (You don’t need to be pregnant!)

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