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    My Experience

    I taught IGCSE and AS-level Economics at Shanghai Guanghua College in China for two years, following the Cambridge International Examination Curriculum. I have devised extensive revision material and have experienced the pressures of exams both as a teacher and student. I have worked with various age groups, ranging from 12 to 18.
    I have also helped my students with university applications and personal statements. During my time at Guanghua College, I organised a university application workshop for all AS and IGCSE students.
    A number of my students have been accepted to top universities, and one has gone on to study Economics at the London School of Economics.

    Subjects I teach

    GCSE to A-Level Economics
    GCSE Business

    My Qualifications

    BSc (Hons) Management: 2.2
    A-Level Economics: A
    A-Level Government and Politics: A
    A-Level Chemistry: B
    AS-Level Maths: B

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    It’s important to motivate students by showing them how they can apply what they learn in the real world. Whether this is understanding demand and supply when they apply for university places or the way they can choose to utilise their savings when interest rates change. I view every student as unique individuals with different characteristics and tailor my teaching to their needs. Every student has the ability to do well and as a tutor I seek to identify the strengths of my students and use those strengths to overcome challenging aspects of their studies. I aim to create a friendly and fun atmosphere with students whilst staying professional and achieving academic objectives. As a teacher I relish new challenges and take great pride in helping students achieve their goals.
    My motto for studying is ‘if you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results’.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    Whilst teaching in China, I performed ‘what does the fox say’ in front of an audience of 400 people, for the School’s talent show.

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