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    My Experience

    I have previously carried out tutoring work where clients have messaged me in reaction to particular problems they have had in the north London area. Here, I carried out tutoring work for a number of months. During my time at HABS I also volunteered in a ‘buddy’ programme where I organised lessons for two tutees within my House; providing one-to-one tuition in explaining the methods that I employed to succeed academically. Similarly, at the University of Leeds, I have taken part in a buddy scheme with the School of History (I hope for this to be my primary subject field although I am capable of teaching Maths and Philosophy to an A level standard) in which I would supervise and be paired up with someone from the cohort of incoming people who have come to Leeds on their study abroad placement. Here I would help teach them History whilst helping to assimilate them culturally into the university – both skills I feel are wholly necessary with respect to tutoring.

    Subjects I teach

    History A-level
    Maths – up to GCSE

    My Qualifications

    The senior school I attended is called the Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School and here I attained 10 A* at GCSE and 3 A* at a level therefore not dropping a grade. I am going into my final year at the University of Leeds and here I am averaging a first classification also.

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    As I am an Eritrean born British citizen, I have always found the complicated and obscure history of the country I come from so interesting. So much so that I was inspired to learn more about it and this in turn encouraged a deep-rooted passion for the subject. I have since, endeavoured to learn more about the history of other cultures and countries all around the world. I think my inspiration to tutor comes from my ability to surmount adversity and to actually thrive within a subject I, though having huge interest in, was achieving rather poor grades for. In year 10, History was my worst subject yet after the supervision of teachers who inspired me greatly, I finished senior school with the highest grades in the year for the History exams that I had taken – this whilst dealing with a medical condition that for many would have proved difficult in conjunction with exams. Personally, History as a subject more readily represents a set of transferable skills in which one can explore a whole league of different relevant fields – whether it is science, technology, social issues, gender, international relations between countries, politics, economics etc. Therefore, I feel that for any student, one’s passions, preferences and interests can in some way be channelled into the subject such that they are completely engaged and encouraged to study it.

    Fun fact

    I have never broken a bone!

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