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    My Experience

    I have really enjoyed working with young people (both nationally and internationally) over the past eight years.
    My passion for helping people be the best that they could be started when I was a Peer Educator at the world renowned National Youth Theatre. Through drama projects, I realised my fervent ability in inspiring and enthusing other participants to realise their true potential.
    I now work as an Associate Artist for the NYT, creating and delivering casting workshops and intake auditions for budding young actors around the country!
    Since graduating from university, I have worked as a private tutor both at home and in schools. I have tutored little people, GCSE English, A-Level English, Drama and Theatre Studies all the way through to Undergraduate Level.
    I have also mentored and provided audition practice training.
    Due to the high demand from previous clients abroad, I now create bespoke intensive courses for those wanting to develop their English skills in an immersive environment. Within this English course, I also plan daily sightseeing schedules in accordance with the subject matter explored during the study sessions that day. The sessions are usually structured around Cambridge ESOL requirements.
    I have also worked as an Artistic Project Leader, delivering creative educational programmes incorporating drama activities for 7-21 year old participants with SEN and disabilities.


    “She has been a great addition to the team and so much of the young people’s progress can be attributed to the work she has done with them over the last year.”

    “Seda helps immensely with structuring essays, she helps my daughter come up with her own ideas when analysing a text which will be great help during an exam, she’s perfect for GCSE level. And she is always on time!”

    “I will most definitely recommend Seda to other parents as we were both very happy with her tuition.”

    “I found my tutor Seda very useful because she has made me more confident to say what I think. She has helped me expand my vocabulary and also shown me the power and specificity of words.”

    “I would recommend Seda as a tutor to anyone seeking to do well in GCSE English Language. First of all she is very pleasant with good communication skills. Seda has very good understanding of what is required in terms of the syllabus and is able to break down the course into its fundamentals, building layer upon layer as time progresses. Additionally, she is very innovative in addressing areas of weakness by offering clear explanations and guidance on specific areas. This is followed up by bite sized homework assignments to allow one to practice new skills learnt.”

    Subjects I teach

    Drama GCSE
    Theatre Studies A-Level
    English A-Level
    Personal Statement
    Interview Skills
    Audition training

    My Qualifications

    First Class Bachelors Degree in Drama from The University of Hull. Forest Preparatory, Secondary School and 6th Form (Drama A, English Literature B)

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    I believe in creating a dynamic and symbiotic relationship during my tutorials. I want my students to really think, feel and form their own opinions in order for us to have a solid starting point for our discussions, creative writing and essays. I like to create a safe space for their voices to be heard, their confidence to build and any fear of getting it ‘wrong’ to be taken away. From here students begin heightening their awareness towards the ‘why’ behind certain words on a page.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    When I was on my gap year, I fell off the world’s most dangerous road in Bolivia and (almost) came away unscathed!

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