My Passion & How I Inspire

I identify and focus on individual areas of weakness and develop them into strengths. My lessons are engaging, fun, stimulating and rewarding. All areas of the syllabus are covered with excellent revision notes provided. There is a lot of focus given to exam technique and structuring answers to gain maximum marks. Past papers and past exam questions are covered. Lesson objectives are made clear at the start of each lesson and reviewed at the end to make sure the student has understood the topic well. Homework is set and reviewed. Regular feedback is provided to the student and their parents and the student’s progress is periodically reviewed, for example, using mini-tests. As students learn information in a variety of ways, I use a number of tools to aid learning including diagrams, flowcharts, revision cards, audio-visual learning, notes and questions. I am patient, understanding and a very good listener. Therefore, my students and their parents find it easy to ask me questions.

My Experience

More than 5,000 hours of tutoring experience. I have helped many students gain admission into highly selective and popular schools such as Haberdashers’ Aske’s, Merchant Taylors, North London Collegiate School, Henrietta Barnet, Latymer, Godolphin, Harrow Independent school, St Paul’s, Westminster and Colet Court amongst others. To date, more than 90% of the students I have taught have gained admission into their school of first preference, more than 90% of the medical and dental undergraduates I have tutored have successfully gained admission into their top choice University and more than 97% of the students I have tutored at GCSE and A-level have achieved A*/A.

Subjects That I Teach

  • Biochemistry
  • Biochemistry - A-Level
  • Biochemistry - IB
  • Biochemistry - SAT
  • Biology
  • Biology - A-Level
  • Biology - IB
  • Biology - SAT
  • BMAT
  • BMAT - A-Level
  • BMAT - IB
  • BMAT - SAT
  • Chemistry
  • Chemistry - A-Level
  • Chemistry - IB
  • Chemistry - SAT
  • Economics
  • Economics - A-Level
  • Economics - IB
  • Economics - SAT
  • Maths
  • Maths - A-Level
  • Maths - IB
  • Maths - SAT

My Qualifications

I studied Medicine at the University of Birmingham. My passion for education and tutoring stems from Medicine where one has to teach colleagues and patients. This is why I now specialise in tutoring.

My Video Introduction

Fun fact

I have 4 horizontal lines on one finger- the right little finger which is apparently unique. I kick with my left leg but write with my right hand!