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    My Experience

    I spent 18 months teaching GCSE maths on a voluntary basis to students on the C/D grade borderline. This was at St Mary Redcliffe & Temple School in Bristol. I took small groups (approximately 5 students) out of their lessons on a weekly basis to work with them so that they would achieve the important C grade in their maths exams. This involved working through textbooks used by the school but also being prepared to go beyond that at times. As a result, several students who were likely to fail were able to pass their maths exams. As such, I am very used to working to targets and understand the importance of attaining certain grades.


    “this makes so much more sense than when I learnt it in class”

    Subjects I teach

    Law Undergraduate
    Personal statement
    University applications
    Oxbridge interview practice

    My Qualifications

    A-Levels in French (A), History, (A*) and Geography (A*). Extended Project Qualification (A*).
    Degree: Law (Jurisprudence) at Oxford University, grade 2.i.

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    My approach to tutoring has two major components. Firstly, I think it’s important to understand why the subject matters and the difference it makes in the world at large. It’s much easier to excel at something you care about and have become passionate about. Secondly, I think focussing on essay technique and writing style is very important. I feel that many students struggle to put their points across clearly, even when they have understood the material. As such, I try to work on the written material they’re producing as much as I work on their understanding of the subject itself.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I own more pairs of shoes than pairs of socks!

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