Sana K

My Passion & How I Inspire

I believe in customizing the lesson and a lot of out of the box tricks to make it both fun and effective for students to learn Arabic/Hebrew.

Passionate about International Relations and Global Affairs that no matter how hard the subject may seem for you I'll infect you with my passion and you would enjoy the lesson.

My Experience

Have a wide range of teaching, tutoring, training and facilitation experience, Biology, Pharmacy, International Relations, Arabic and Hebrew. Arabic and Hebrew are mother tongue, I worked for few years in group-tutoring in Biology and Pharmacy and recently in International Relations. Have an experience in one to one tutoring in Arabic and Hebrew.

Subjects That I Teach

  • Arabic
  • Arabic - Undergraduate
  • Arabic - Postgraduate
  • Biology
  • Biology - Undergraduate
  • Biology - Postgraduate
  • Chemistry
  • Chemistry - Undergraduate
  • Chemistry - Postgraduate
  • Hebrew
  • Hebrew - Undergraduate
  • Hebrew - Postgraduate
  • International Relations
  • International Relations - Undergraduate
  • International Relations - Postgraduate
  • Politics
  • Politics - Undergraduate
  • Politics - Postgraduate

My Qualifications

Pharmacy (B.Sc.), Biological Science (B.Sc.), International Relations (MA), International Strategy and Diplomacy (Executive MSc)

My Reviews

"A highly dedicated Arabic tutor with extensive knowledge and a lot of patience, who personalizes the material to the student." Shai

"Sana was outstanding and very helpful! I rate her 5 out of 5." - Anonymous

"Sana has taught me biochemistry over the past four months. This has been in preparation for my PhD research and associated interview. With her highly qualified background in pharmacology her help has been invaluable. Not only is she knowledgeable in her field, she is passionate as well. This passion comes shining through in her relaxed and informal approach to private tuition. Having said that she takes her duty of commitment to her clients exceptionally seriously by comprehensively and professionally preparing for each tuition session long in advance. Whether a potential tutee is struggling with GCSE chemistry preparation to needing advice for post grad research and anything in between I can’t recommend Sana highly enough" - Anonymous

"Sana helped me to get 73 in my essay!" - Anonymous

"I completed my essay and was very happy with lessons!" - Anonymous

Fun fact

I'm a certified international travel guide and trip advisor! Love exploring different destinations and cultures.

I dance both Salsa and Belly Dancing too.