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    My Experience

    I have taught students in Geography at both GCSE level and for IB qualifications. The IB course was at higher level and works as a combination of GCSE, A-level and broader degree level skills and requirements. I have always enjoyed teaching and helping students, starting as a mentor at City of London School in Year 10 right up until leaving the school at the end of Sixth Form.

    I taught my students alongside completing my degree at Uni- versity College London. Someone told me that the best way to learn something is to teach it and in many ways this statement is true. Even teaching the more basic subject matters at GCSE level I found my own understanding of the more complex de- gree related topics improved. As such I have enjoyed teaching ever since. My student at GCSE went on to receive an A* gaining 100% and my student at IB level achieved a 7- the highest pos- sible score.

    Subjects I teach

    Geography GCSE – Undergraduate level
    English Language – GCSE and A-Level
    Personal Statement Preparation
    University Application Preparation

    My Qualifications

    University College London BA (Hons) Geography (1st Class)
    City of London School: A* Geography, A* English Language, A Politics, A Economics (A- level)
    Mentor throughout school
    Winner of the City of London Asquith prize for Politics

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    I have grown to love Geography and English, however in many cases I was a similar student to that of my tutors. Throughout school I felt that I didn’t understand parts of the syllabus not because they were too difficult but because I simply didn’t like a teacher or got bored in lessons. Throughout my tutoring sessions I like to motivate my students into understanding and re- membering aspects of the topic they do like. I have found that in many cases by making the topic more exciting, or pinpointing specific problems with individual teachers the student becomes more engaged in the topic. I have reflected on many of the sessions I have had with my own tutors and the skills that are long lasting are simple essay structure, re-invigorating aspects of the course that seem boring and turning difficult concepts into the most simplistic. I like to make sure my students don’t just memorise facts but understand the overall story, and are highly in tune with examiner marking. Rather than looking for short- term improvement in tests, long term skills that achieve high marks at GCSE, A-level or degree are my target.

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    Fun fact

    I have 411 connections on LinkedIn. Impressive I know.

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