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    My Experience

    6 months teaching English Language and Literature in Madrid. Teaching mostly professionals from a wide range of industries, a significant minority of my teaching was to undergraduates.
    Freelance work teaching English, French, and Spanish in Cardiff over the period of two years.


    ‘I was often surprised that the hour was up; the lesson flew by as we got our teeth stuck into subjects that I wanted to discuss. My English improved a lot.’ – E. Gonzalez, Edelman Madrid

    ‘Of course, the lessons were challenging, but I was able to discuss, read, and write in Spanish, which was worth it.’ – A. Martin, Cardiff

    Subjects I teach

    English Language and Literature GCSE to A-level
    Spanish GCSE to A-level
    French GCSE to A-level
    History GCSE to A-level

    My Qualifications

    2 A*s, 2 As -A-Level
    100% both raw and UMS marks in English A-Level.
    Native Spanish speaker.
    Currently in second year of BA English Language and Literature at University College London. I have received a commendation from the department for my second year work.

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    “My teaching differs necessarily depending on the subject. For language students, the emphasis is on communication and argument, which creates an understanding of grammar and structure. Languages encourage debate, and my lessons turn on the need to be able to say more. In both English and History, I continue the delight in argument and challenge that these subjects allow; I aim to teach an ability to write as fluidly and critically as we will read. In all subjects, the variety of media that I use test these skills against a broad range of settings, useful within the classroom and in the real world.”

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I am told that I can do fantastic accents!

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