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    My Experience

    My previous tutoring experience is mainly either in university law subjects like Environmental Law, or in English and Maths 11+. This was mostly done online through an online tutoring portal, in which students would come for me either on a one-off basis or would ask for more rigorous weekly schedules, as was the case with one of my previous students who asked for extra English classes at age 11. Beyond this, at school as Head Girl I was responsible for running drama classes as part of enrichment for students from Year 7 to 9. In these classes, I would distil mainly the prominent Shakespeare pieces into simpler shorter stories for these sessions, so that the meaning was still comprehensible for younger students. These enrichment classes ran weekly for a whole term, and allowed me to relay my own passion for English, and key seminal pieces like Hamlet and King Lear.
    Beyond this, with more specific interests in Environmental Law and specializing in this at the LSE as well as part of my Master’s in Law, I have become aware of the interlinkages of newer areas of law with older ones like Land Law and Equity, aspects of which are imbued in the newly developing Environmental Law. These reflections have made me able to help students with their UCAS applications for Law, and other subjects like Geography that are still linked to the Environment more generally. My keen eye for detail, and awareness of what universities are now seeking for from high achieving students, has allowed me to successfully mentor two students in the past year who were applying for Law and Geography at Russell Group universities. All these experiences instil in me a confidence to become a successful Tavistock tutor in my respective subjects!

    Subjects I teach

    English and Maths 11+,
    IGCSE and IB English, History and Geography
    Pre-University and University Law subjects
    Personal Statement support

    My Qualifications

    I attended the British International School of Bratislava, where I did the IGCSEs and the IB. I achieved 44 points in the IB, with all 7s in my Higher Level Subjects of History, English Language and Literature and Geography. In my IGCSEs, I also achieved highly attaining 6A*s and 4As. At School, I held the position of Head Girl and led the organization of our school’s own TEDx event.
    I went onto study Law at King’s College London in 2016, where I was awarded the Dickson Poon Undergraduate Law Scholarship, which was only awarded to 30 students out of the total cohort of 250 students. This scholarship covered my first year halls expenses, and half of entire tuition fees over the three years of undergraduate study. I achieved a First Class Degree in 2019, and am currently undertaking a Masters in Law (LLM) at the LSE.
    At KCL, I was also chosen to be First Year Representative from a competitive pool of candidates for my university law society, which was the largest student represented society at KCL. I then went on to be elected on the executive committee by my peers as Vocational Officer, where I fundraised over 70,000 GBP in my role for the functioning of the overall society. I was also chosen to undertake a competitive undergraduate research fellowship with my Environmental Law Professor, and am also currently assisting Dr. Professor Heyvaert at LSE as a Research Associate for her upcoming textbook on Transnational Environmental Law.

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    My passion for learning more generally, but specifically for the Humanities comes from a deep place of being naturally quite curious. This trait of mine has been exemplified by my multicultural background, and love for travelling. Through backpacking across Indonesia for three weeks, to taking a train down to my local mountains in Slovakia for a hike, I find the time I spend exploring new places to always give me a new sense of independence and perspective. This coupled with my love for reading, particularly indulging in memoirs and biographies, has always provided me with the awareness of how everyone’s stories are so unique, and within this lies many questions that require uncovering. This in itself has always kept my perspective to be one open to new knowledge, and this thirst and determination to know more is what I would carry with me into tutoring as such as well.
    With Law’s ability to touch on many aspects of the humanities, I have found myself particularly intellectually challenged, and allowed me to gain an awareness of how to create depth of knowledge with breadth as well. Having commenced my Master’s in September, and after that vocational education to begin my training contract in the City, I feel I am at a turning point in my life where I am finally understanding where my academic attainment and knowledge comes together with the practical world. This has made me aware of both the most transferrable skills, like motivation and organisation, I have learnt over the years, and intend on relaying this to those that are in similar positions as me through tutoring! I hope that this aspect of my optimism towards learning will hopefully relay on to my students and tutees as well.

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    Fun fact

    My favourite type of food is anything that is pickled!

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