My Passion & How I Inspire

My life story has never been a standard, predictable one, and my relationship to architecture is no different. I have always had a curiosity for the world and understanding how we function as human beings, from a psychological and behavioural perspective. You may not see a direct link to architecture, as one feels more immaterial than the other, however, studying this course has made me find endless connections between these two subjects. Architecture is a very complex discipline, emerging at the convergence between arts, humanities and sciences and its presence in the world affects us all, whether conscious or not. The built environment is what keeps us sheltered, mobile and inspired. I have always been fascinated by the feedback loop between our experience of life and spatial experiences. I believe there is a lot of potential in shaping human experience through wise, socially aware and responsive architecture.

Alongside design, I find it extremely rewarding to be able to set the scene for self-empowerment and encourage a bold, yet polite and socially responsible design attitude for other students. Through my tutoring activity, I seek to bring purpose to the study of architecture by providing a more rigorous design framework which is responsive to our complex socio-economic landscapes right from the university stage. I feel grateful to be in this position, which allows me to apply my knowledge and interpersonal skills in a direction that helps other students achieve the level of success and reward I was able to during my academic years. I believe in the crucial role mentors play in personal growth, which is why I think we should all invest in high-quality mentorship which is aligned with our character traits and our goals. Ultimately, the growth I see manifesting in my students and the level of confidence they acquire as a result of our interaction is my greatest reward.

My approach is uniquely tailored to the character, strengths and profile of each student. Never formulaic and prescriptive, the first thing I do is to listen genuinely and non-judgementally to the concerns of the student. I believe humans are inherently creative and the fuel for creativity is an understanding of the self and the world we inhabit. I provide inspiration that stems from a wide range of sources, including but not limited to literature, art, cinematography, architecture, sound design and even philosophy. Most importantly, I believe inspiration comes from personal stories, which is why I encourage students to connect to their own experience of the world and seek to formulate projects that respond to issues that concern them directly. With regards to the execution of projects, I am an advocate of smart and effective work, making use of the right tools and software which make the process enjoyable and productive. Lastly, I inspire students to have confidence, play on their strengths and cultivate their own unique style and ability, with a healthy approach to work-life balance and a purposeful approach to design.

My Experience

My students study at prestigious schools of architecture and design in the UK and abroad: the AA, the Bartlett@UCL, Central Saint Martins@UAL, Westminster University, South-Bank University, London Metropolitan. I also tutor students from private schools such as KLC and Inchbald, as well as international students.

Tutoring: I have accumulated over 3 years experience with students enrolled in architecture, interior design, product design, fashion design, graphic design courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level. I have also helped students with their university admission process into BA and MA courses in London and New York.

I am regularly invited to crits at London universities as a visiting tutor and give talks at RIBA events and symposiums to empower students along their academic and professional journey.

Professional Expertise: As a professional, I am energetic, well-rounded and experienced across a wide range of design industries, from corporate to start-up ventures. My knowledge spans across architecture, urbanism, interiors and product/graphic.

Design Process: Concept and Ideation. Schematic Design, Prototyping (if applicable), Developed Design, Technical Design, Visualisation and Presentation.

Profile and Interests: I blend tutoring with my other interests which revolve around wellness through technology, behavioral science, innovative business models and the improving the architect’s experience at the workplace. I am collaborating with an agency of change designed to create bridges between individuals and creative businesses. I help drive the emergence of novel partnerships between industry segments and generate new opportunities in the context of the emerging collaborative ecosystem of the design industries. In my spare time, I attend events and workshops aimed at inspiring positive change in society, at work and in our everyday lives. My passion for knowledge, learning and understanding the human mind comes across in everything I do, and most recently I’ve also started writing a blog to share my thoughts and ideas.

Previous roles that taught me transferrable skills: Creative Business Consultant for start-up businesses, Private Tutoring in Maths and Physics for GCSEs, Note Taker and Exam Facilitator at undergraduate level for Maths, Physics and English, Teaching Assistant for Architectural Representation and Communication at undergraduate level, Marketing Representative for international architectural visualisation studio, Erasmus Ambassador for British Council.


2D: AutoCAD, Vectorworks

3D Modelling: Rhinoceros, Archicad, 3DSMax

Illustration and Graphic Design: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop

Rendering and Animation: 3DSMax, Vray

Motion Graphics: After Effects

Video editing: Adobe Premiere

Physical Modelling: Laser Cutting, CNC, Card/Foam, etc.

Subjects That I Teach

  • Graphic Design
  • ACT
  • ACT - University Admissions
  • Architecture
  • Architecture - University Admissions
  • Dissertation
  • Dissertation - University Admissions
  • Interior Design
  • Interior Design - University Admissions

My Qualifications

MArch Architecture @ The Bartlett, UCL - RIBA Part II awarded Distinction

BA(Hons)Architecture @ University of Portsmouth – RIBA Part I awarded Distinction


RIBA Overall Student Prize 2014

Martin Harvey Prize for Outstanding Design Work

LSRS 2nd Special Prize in Arts 2014

Certificate for Public Speaking – International Conference on Architectural Research ICAR 2015

Architectural Work published in DOTY Aarhus Drawing of the Year

Publication in ICAR 2015 “Above& Beyond – A study on architecture and the self”



London Festival of Architecture 2015 ‘Phase / Dynamics’ – Associated Projects

Scott Brownrigg Design Research Unit (DRU)

London School of Architecture

University of Portsmouth

Royal College of Art

Central Saint Martins

RIBA Access to Professions

UCL Advances

Radical Innovation Award 2015

My Reviews

“Warm presence and empathetic attitude towards pupils”

“Brilliant motivational speaker”

“Imaginative and creative, great inspiration and support for students in the creative industries”

“Highly organised, yet open-minded and flexible”

My Video Introduction

Fun fact

I do jumping jacks whilst my kettle is boiling and push-ups when my software is updating!