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    My Experience

    During high school, I tutored 25-30 students every week in my junior (11th grade) and senior (12th grade) years. My main subject was chemistry at the 10th grade level, but I also tutored in US History AP, European History AP, English Language AP, Calculus AB/BC AP, and Spanish Language AP. I also tutored maths and social sciences for primary school students.

    During my time at Princeton University, I tutored underprivileged middle school students (aged 11-13) at Riviera Middle School in Trenton, New Jersey. I helped prepare them for the New Jersey standardised test in English and Maths (and had a hand in curriculum development), and I also served as a mentor for the students.


    “I see Ryan as potentially one of the best teachers of medieval studies in his cohort, not just because of how much he will know or how enthusiastic he will be in conveying it to others, but because he is affable, unpretentious, and graced with a delightful sense of humour as well”

    Subjects I teach

    History (American, World, or European) from A-Level/AP to Undergraduate
    French from A-Level/AP to Undergraduate
    Latin from A-Level/AP to Undergraduate
    Spanish from A-Level/AP to Undergraduate
    German from A-Level/AP to Undergraduate
    English Language and Literature A-Level/AP

    My Qualifications

    I attended Palos Verdes High School, where I graduated valedictorian. After that, I studied at Princeton University, where I received my Bachelor of Arts in History and a certificate in Medieval Studies. I graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa, and was the recipient of a number of awards including the Joseph R. Strayer Prize in Medieval History, Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship, and Carter Kim Combe ’74 History Department Prize. After graduating in May 2016, I received a Marshall Scholarship, which supports approximately 30 to 40 American students (out of an applicant pool of thousands) to pursue postgraduate research in the United Kingdom. I now study medieval history as a research student at University College London.

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    I believe in creating a comfortable environment for my student in which we can both be frank with each other about challenges, frustrations, expectations, and progress. In order to create such a relationship, structure and clarity are essential. I use either the module outline provided by the student’s professors or develop one in tandem with my student in order to keep us on track to meet key benchmarks. Nevertheless, I am also flexible to the specific needs that might arise over the course of tuition. If a student is struggling with one particular aspect of, for example, German grammar, then I always come prepared with extra worksheets and novel approaches to tackling the challenge. This ethos of clarity extends to my relationship with my students’ parents, the clients. I believe in taking a few minutes to update parents about their child’s progress and what can be done between tuitions to maximise outcomes from tuition. My goal is to provide students and clients with a clear program of study to put minds at ease and make sure that our time together is as successful as possible.

    I also believe strongly in the mentorship aspect of tutoring. My goal is to make my students as passionate about the subjects they’re learning as I am. Inspiring intellectual curiosity and creating a love of learning are essential to making sure that students achieve long-term academic success.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I was a competitive ballroom dancer in high school!

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