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    My Experience

    10 years experience offering mentoring and tuition to students from age 12-graduate level internationally

    3 years at Harvard University tutoring sciences, humanities and languages to undergraduates; one year I resided as Grays Hall’s freshman adviser.

    2 years tutoring sciences and languages in Los Angeles with Pressman Academy, 1on1 Tutoring and privately

    Subjects I teach

    Psychology all levels
    Hebrew all levels
    Spanish all levels
    SAT Prep
    US Admissions
    Essay Writing
    Computer Science
    Coding – Python

    My Qualifications

    BA with highest honours, magna cum laude in Psychology and Neuroscience from Harvard University

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    COLLABORATING WITH A STUDENT. I first identify the student’s goals: are we trying to pass one exam, or are we trying to acquire better learning habits? I would always prefer the latter, but sometimes I’m just needed to help someone get through a test – and that’s okay, too.

    LEARNING NEW SKILLS. When tutoring essay writing or mentoring through the admissions process, I dedicate time to teaching good story-telling: who’s your audience? What is your argument? How are you going to convince them? These questions seem intuitive, but they’re often the hardest ones to answer. Sometimes grammar and vocabulary are also hard–and I am happy to help in mastering those, as well.

    LEARNING HOW TO LEARN. I work hard in order to make myself redundant in the long-term: I help students develop their own approach to effective learning.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I’m producing a documentary film about robots in Hong Kong!

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