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    My Experience

    During my time at the University of Oxford, I was heavily involved in organising and running access events. Coming from a state school background with very little help in my studies and university application, I understood how A Levels and choosing your university could be overwhelming. I felt very lucky to have made it to Oxford, and this was mostly because of how little I had known about the university before applying. It was important to me to encourage more students to apply, who didn’t know much about Oxford, or hadn’t even considered it was an option for them, perhaps through lack of guidance or confidence. The kind of events I helped at were very rewarding, allowing me to spend a great deal of time with students individually or in groups, talking through not just the academic but the social aspects of university life. I had teaching experience through helping with interview/tutorial workshops, Q & A sessions, practical sessions in the laboratory, and BMAT and application workshops.

    Since I started my PhD, I have been supervising several undergraduate students. I spend a lot of time one-on-one with them, teaching them practical skills in the lab, talking through their postgraduate study applications (as this is something all three of them want to do), and advising them on exam and presentation skills. One of these students, who I helped with his application, went on to successfully gain a place at Kings College London to study a PhD in craniofacial defects. I am also currently undertaking a teaching course through the UCL Doctoral School and am working to apply to become an Asssociate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

    Subjects I teach

    Biology A Level
    Maths and Science GCSE
    Oxbridge Applications
    Developmental Biology/ Embryology Undergraduate
    Molecular Biology Undergraduate
    Molecular/Genetic Laboratory Techniques (Theory)

    My Qualifications

    Rawlett School:
    10 GCSEs (8 A* 2 A)

    Landau Forte Academy:
    A Level Biology, Chemistry and Maths (AAA)
    AS Level Music (A)

    University of Oxford
    BA Biomedical Science, 2.i

    University of Southampton
    MRes Advanced Biological Science, First Class

    University College London
    PhD in Child Health
    In Progress

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    My teaching style is very much directed at how the student wants to learn. If they are a visual learner, then diagrams and presentations are useful to describe complex principles. Aural/Visual learners benefit from a conversational style of teaching, where it is more of a question and answer session. Kinetic learners benefit from activities such as matching key words with definitions/ pictures with facts.

    Depending on how able the student is, I like to bring in academic papers to the lesson, for example showing the original X-ray diffraction images which led to the discovery of the stricture of DNA. While becoming familiar with the general structure and language of academic publishing is not required for A Level science, it would give students a huge advantage if they go on to study science at undergraduate level and helps give context to complex principles.

    Fun fact

    I play violin in several London amateur orchestras- my favourite composers are Elgar and Chopin!

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