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    My Experience

    I have spent over six years tutoring students all the way from core concepts in primary school through to GCSEs, A-levels and university admissions.
    I am also a fourth year student at University College London Medical School with an up-to-date, in depth knowledge of the application system and was recently awarded the Aalim-Bibi Prize for best overall academic performance on the Women’s Health BSc.
    I currently mentor applicants to medical school, reviewing their personal statements and honing interview skills to enable them to gain the highest degree of success.


    ‘Thank you so much for the advice you gave us this year, I greatly appreciate the time and effort you put into making us medical students!’ – Shreya (Medical applicant)

    ‘Thank you so much for going over my personal statement and for your very thorough advice, I’m so glad to have someone who actually knows how the tutors think!’ – Widad (Medical applicant)

    ‘You are GOOD at this! [Editing UCAS personal statements] Thank you so much, your feedback is amazing!’ – Mahum (Medical Applicant)

    Subjects I teach

    Maths: Primary, 11+ and GCSE
    Biology: GCSE and A-Level
    English Language and Literature: Primary, 11+, GCSE and A-level
    UKCAT Admissions Test
    University Interview Preparation (Esp. Medical School)
    UCAS Personal Statement Proofreading

    My Qualifications

    GCSEs: 11 A* & 2 A
    AS: 5 A in Biology, English Literature, French, Maths and Chemistry
    A-level: 2 A* & A at in Biology, English Literature and Chemistry
    BSc: Medical Sciences with Women’s Health (First Class Hons)

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    I believe students must find their own motivation to apply themselves and work hard to truly achieve their full potential. I give students the confidence, support and guidance they need to realise that they can be successful in whatever they put their mind to. This will come from learning each topic at the student’s own pace before allowing them to take the lead; solving questions and problems with increasing independence.

    I endeavour to personally tailor each session to the student’s needs, thoroughly preparing resources and materials in advance in order to maximise the productivity and helpfulness of the session.

    I also make myself available to students outside set lesson times. If any advice is needed by phone or e-mail, feel free to get in touch!

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I have trekked through the mountains of Peru, all the way to Macchu Pichu! 

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