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    My Experience

    I have taught mainly English & Drama across many schools in London, the majority of my work being with English departments delivering the GCSE & KS3 syllabus. I have also taught A-Level Theatre Studies, GCSE Media Studies, & English Functional Skills. I have worked with children in KS2, developing their early verbal, reading and writing skills, and have worked with adults who have returned into education. In addition I have a strong background in drama & have taught the subject at KS3 & GCSE level extensively.

    Subjects I teach

    English GCSE, A-Level, KS3 & KS2.
    English Functional Skills
    Drama GCSE
    A-Level Theatre Studies
    Media Studies GCSE

    My Qualifications

    The Royal School of Speech & Drama: BA Acting
    Middlesex University: PGCE Drama
    Open University: BA English Literature (2:1)
    Chace Comprehensive:
    GCSEs in Drama, English Literature, English Language, Maths & Sociology.
    A-Levels in English, Psychology & Theatre Studies.

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    As a specialist in English Literature it is fortunate to be able to draw directly from some of the most popular texts in the world. Texts filled with perennial wisdom and timeless intrigue that one can use to enrich their own life. The GCSE & A-Level syllabus provides a comprehensive study of many of these texts and I am eager to share my own understanding of them, which I know would enable the willing student to excel both with their grades and in the enrichment of their lives. By studying the craft of some of the greatest literary minds that have ever lived, the student will be equipped to bring some of that craft into their own skill of writing.

    In the noise of a full classroom sometimes this enriching experience can be lost. However, in a one-to-one tuition session the student is ideally placed to take full advantage of the experience, which will go a long way into unlocking their potential. I will begin the tuition by ascertaining the student’s areas for improvement & then tailor the lessons accordingly, providing the student with a wealth of resources that I have accumulated over fifteen years in the business.

    Like with the study of techniques used by great writers, the techniques used by actors is something I have long been versed in, and I am equally enthusiastic to part with my knowledge and experience that I gained both in the profession and from the 3 year acting course I completed at The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    My first job was as an Ice Cream Man!

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