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    My Experience


    • Editorial Board, Journal of Human Rights, 2017-Present.
    • Editorial Board, Cogent Social Sciences, 2017-Present.
    • Expert for Campaign for Social Science, London, 2016-Present.
    • Associate Professor in International Relations 2012-Present: University
    College London, Department of Political Science.
    • Assistant Professor in International Relations 2009-2012: University College
    London, Department of Political Science.
    • Fellow of the Institute for Human Rights, University College London, 2009-
    • Assistant Professor 2005-2009: Louisiana State University, Department of
    Political Science.

    Assistant/Associate Professor: University College London

    • “Global Economic and Social Rights,” POLS7023, Spring/Fall 2018.
    • “Rebellion,” PUBL G080, Spring 2014/2015, Fall 2016, Spring 2018.
    • “International Organisations,” PUBL G078, Fall 2013-2018.
    • “Empirical Studies of Civil Conflict,” PUBL G080, Spring 2010, Fall 2011,
    Spring 2013.
    • “Globalisation,” GO72/GO36, Fall 2009-2015.
    • “International Political Economy,” PUBL GO50, Fall 2009.
    • “Empirical Studies of Human Rights,” PUBL G083, Spring 2011-2013.

    Assistant Professor: Louisiana State University

    • “International Political Economy,” PLSC 7946, PLSC 4087, Fall 2008.
    • “Honors Class: Human Rights,” PLSC 3030, Spring 2008.
    • “Globalization: Its Causes and Consequences” PLSC 7963, Fall 2007.
    • “The Causes and Consequences of Human Rights,” PLSC 7941, Spring 2007.
    • “Special Topics: Human Rights,” POLI 4064, Spring 2006.
    • “The Causes and Consequences of Civil Conflict,” PLSC 7941, Fall 2006,
    • “Special Topics: Human Rights,” POLI 4064, Spring 2006, 2007.
    • “Special Topics in International Relations: The Causes and Consequences of
    • Civil War,” POLI 4040, Fall 2005.
    • “Introduction to International Politics,” POLI 2057, Fall 2005, 2006, Spring

    Instructor of Record: Binghamton University

    • “Politics of Development,” PLSC 435, Summer 2003.
    • “The Causes and Consequences of Civil Conflict,” PLSC 486s, Fall 2002.
    • “Politics of the Middle East and North Africa,” PLSC 316, Summer 2002.
    • “Public Policy and the Political Process,” PLSC 328, Summer 2001.

    Teaching Assistant: Binghamton University
    • “Introduction to Comparative Politics,” PLSC 113, Spring 2002.
    • “Introduction to World Politics,” PLSC 117, Fall 2001.

    Teaching Assistant: University at Buffalo
    • “World Civilizations 1,” UGCLR 111, Fall 1999.

    Subjects I teach

    Undergraduate and Postgraduate:
    International politics with a focus on:
    International Organisations,
    International Relations Theory,
    Human Rights,
    Civil Wars,

    My Qualifications

    2000-2005: Ph.D. Political Science, Binghamton University, State University of
    New York, Fields: International Relations & Comparative Politics
    Dissertation: Economic Liberalization & Its Impact on Civil War

    2002: ICPSR Summer Program in Quantitative Methods, University of

    1998-2000: M.A. Political Science, University at Buffalo, State University of New

    1994-1998: B.Sc. 2:1, Politics and Modern History, Brunel University, London

    2019 University College London, Cities Partnership Program, Rome Principal Investigator with Elena Sciso investigating “Does talking at the United Nations matter for domestic human rights or is it all just hot air?” £3000.

    2014 September – September 2017: Army Research Office, Department of the Army, United States Government. Abouharb Principal Investigator with Susan Aaronson, & Susan Gaines investigating “State Repression and its Effects on Civil Conflict, and Leadership Tenure $425,000.

    2010 October 2010-May 2011: Public Engagement Unit Innovation Seed Funding, University College London £3756. Principal Investigator.

    2009 Outstanding Academic Title 2009 – Winner for Human Rights and Structural Adjustment co-authored with David Cingranelli published by Cambridge University Press. Awarded by Choice.

    2008 LSU “Rainmaker Award” Top 100 Research Faculty at Louisiana State University.

    2008 May-August 2008: Manship Summer Research Stipend, Louisiana State University, $5000. Principal Investigator

    2007 May-August 2007: Council on Research Summer Stipend Program, Louisiana State University, $5000. Principal Investigator

    2005 May-August 2006: Council on Research Summer Stipend Program, Louisiana State University, $5000. Principal Investigator

    2004 Excellence in Graduate Research Award, Binghamton University.

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    I am passionate about the topics I teach. My enthusiasm about these subjects really encourages my students’ interest and excitement to also study them. I think it is really important to encourage my students to focus on how to learn, study, write well, and think for themselves. My role is to enable my students to succeed. It is not easy, and it does take hard-work, but I think the rewards are really worth it. I am there every step of the way to help my students to do their very best. My approach focuses on my students gaining these lifelong skills. These skills will enable them to fulfil their potential sitting their next exam, finishing their next paper assignment, or completing their final dissertation. These skills will also be valuable to them throughout their lives after completing their education.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I was one of the street urchins in the Theatre production of Catherine Cookson’s 15 Streets!

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